The last week of classes for this semester will be starting tomorrow.
Then, there'll be a break until the beginning of April during which there'll be exams (two for me, one oral and one written) and writing of papers (in my case, just one for now).
Most of my English classes finished a week early so I'll be mainly going to uni for the Japanology ones (culture on Monday, history on Tuesday and society on Wednesday.
Can't tell you how much I enjoyed these and even though passing the exam (28 of February) will require a superhuman amount of work, I'm pretty sure my passion for all things Japan will propel me towards mastering all the facts and getting an okay grade in the end.
After that I'll be allowed to take advanced cultural and social study modules and I'm looking forward to that so much it hurts.

However, I'll still be making my long way to uni and back nearly every day during the first week of the break.
For one, I have my Semantics oral on Thursday the 10th.
Also, I'll be attending a workshop about academic writing and research on Thursday and Wednesday. I think that will come in really in handy since I'm about to start writing my first ever paper.
Also, we get a whole credit point for about eight hours of work which is pretty generous if you ask me ;)

Speaking of paper, I talked to Mrs. K. (our geeky and awesome lecturer) about it and I'll be writing about manga after all.
I mean, it makes sense since my minor is Japanology after all and with and me being just about the most passionate female otaku in that class.
Of course it's going to largely depend on the amount (and quality) of the available secondary literature but I hope I'll be able to center my writing around the depiction of emotions in manga and maybe a comparison to how Western comics archive similar things.
Let's see how all this goes, huh? =)

PS: I need Japan/otaku related icons. Several ones, in fact. Well, one thing more on my to-do list XD


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