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([personal profile] jessybxx Sep. 3rd, 2010 02:29 pm)
Yesterday, I tried out my uni's new subway connection which was opened as recently as this Monday.
Basically, the U79, which is Düsseldorf's most important subway line was extended to reach the university's east tram station. Luckily, that's one of the two closest stops to the part of campus where I usually have my classes and also the one I've been using 95% of the time.
As much as I like going by tram, especially the old ones from the 1950s of which quite a lot are still in use, the new subway connection cuts traveling time from the main station by half.
Also, if I'm really lazy, I can just stay inside and go all the way to Duisburg main station as well. This, however, takes more time than getting out at Düsseldorf main station and going to Duisburg by train. But if I don't feel like looking for a train and want to bypass using German Rail (because, frankly, most delays and cancellations do happen with the normal trains, subways and trams tend to work flawlessly), this is one seems like a nice alternative.
So, yay for U79 :D

Today, I checked the online class registration system and noticed I was approved for the comics one. That was the one that seemed like the most difficult one to grab a slot, so I'm more than relieved to know I'm actually in. Hell yes!!!
The other lecturers still haven't approved anyone, but most of the other classes didn't have a participants' limit set anyway, so I expect to have landed a space in those as well. I've seen classes that never had anyone approved all semester long. Maybe some profs just don't know how to sue the system correctly, but as long as I'm on their list in the first session, all's well and dandy.
Also, the narratology seminar only has nine registrants so far, which is surprising. I mean, usually, when a class has "film" or "video games" in its description, people scratch each others' eyes out tog et in. Well, maybe the description sounded too difficult, people are sick of the concept of unreliable narrators (which seems to be the main topic) or, and this is actually most likely, people just don't want to get up early (it's at 9 AM).
Ah well, who cares. My awesome timetable seems to have become reality, and that's all I was hoping for here ^_^


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