AnimagiC is slowly drawing closer so I'm starting to serioulsy think about outfits.
I'm pretty sure on one of the three days I'll wear pretty much the same stuff like on March 15 (the day I saw Kai on stage). I hope his colleagues weren't TOO scared of me ^_^;;;

Speaking of the play, turns out Shinigami-sama (our LaserJet M1522nf multifunction printer) actually lets me scan via network, so here are pictures of my souvenirs:

My ticket. "F.K." means "Freikarte" (free admission).

Programme. Very red, like their website ;)

Speaking of website, in case you haven't seen them yet, here are some photos from the play. Like I said before, it's called "Der Tag an dem der Papst gekidnappt wurde" ("The Day They Kidnapped the Pope" - apparently, that's the official English translation, the original Portuguese title is "O Dia em que Raptaram o Papa" [/reserach frenzy]).
YES, the guy wearing magenta IS Kai. His role actually gets called "Pinky" by another character *lol*

Also, Kai sent my DVD today. And he said he included "a couple of surprises". Wow, SEVERAL of them? Can't wait. SRSLY. ARGH.


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