So, today, I wrestled with my cellphone provider, trying to get them to give me a phone cheaply for renewing my plan.
Bottom line: They won't, so I have to make do with what they offered me in the first place. Ugh.
However, since I'm selling something on eBay right now, I might just be able to squeeze out the needed moolah out of my poor, battered bank account.
Even though I won't decide on a model just yet, right now, I'm quite fond of the Sony Ericsson K850i.
I've never had a SE phone before, but I'd love to get one with a 5 MP camera, so this is one of only two options I've got. Nokia has a lot of crap out right now, so I'll not even look at them.
The other one (Motorola Z5N) is even more above my budget than the 850i, so I'm trying to convince myself it's not worth the additional charge. It's got WLAN, but I'm not sure whether I'd even use it.
Also, I like how the Sony one has face recognition and an accelerometer to recognize its position and change the display to widescreen as soon as you tilt it to the side. Apparently, it's also got great battery life.
Besides, the K850i looks rather gorgeous with its black exterior and green lines (I know there are two other styles, but Luminous Green is the one I'd be getting).
The photo functions also sound awesome. For example, BestPic takes nine photos in a second and lets you choose the best one. This is something that was just made for me ;) Also, you can edit your photos directly, for example, the phone allows you to change brightness and contrast. Nice :D
For now, I'm leaning towards the K850i. Still waiting for Kai's comment (He's a Sony Ericsson owner as well) and my eBay auction to end so I know how much I'll be able to spend.
Hm... *walks off, pondering*


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