The Gamma Ray crew probably heard that Kai and his boys (XD) will play Agglutination on August 11. The festival's in Potenzia, Italy (!)
Of course, I'm hella tempted to fly down there to go see them and of course spend some long overdue quality time with [ profile] silicondreams *lol*
Well, I'm still not sure whether I'll actualy be able to go, but I still checked for flights.
If I booked the thing right now, it'd be 58 Euros. For both tickets. Holy hell, compared to last year that's almost for free ^_~
(The thing with Germanwings is that the earlier you grab your seats, the cheaper they are.)
Flying in on Tuesday (August 7) would cost me (tax not included) a whooping 66 cents. Those dudes are insane.
The only thing that would even improve the whole thing would be if they finally set up flights directly to Torino, goddammit >:O


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