jessybxx: (Kai - Body paint #2)
( Sep. 3rd, 2006 05:02 pm)
It seems like things are looking up.
Unfortunately, I'm still too lazy to write a Torino report right now. But I will, promise!!
Right now, I'll just give you piccies ^_^

The first batch of souvenirs was acquired in one of the Rock/Metal shops of Torino. Lia said they're poseurs, but you sometimes find good piccies in there.

Hot!! )

And those two were painted by Lia's best friend Dea (who, BTW, is very nice and funny) just for me *happy smile*

Cute!! )

Finally, the souvenir I got from one of the Torino candy shops. Can you spot the Sonata Arctica reference?
I present to you...

Fluffy!! )


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