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( May. 14th, 2007 10:32 am)
I just drained my writing powers a great deal by creating that long and angry rant on my German blog (apporopiately titled "Eurpoes' worst losers"), so just have a few notes:

- Amazing show, the intro (feat. Lordi, wolves, monsters and TONS of fire) was the coolest thing ever. I love Finland. Kiitos for that ^_~

- The level of music quality was rather high and there were surprisingly little acts relying on ass, boobs and naked skin O_o

- Serbia was awesome and fully deserved their victory. I voted for them, Twice. Such a fantatic voice and OMFG what a passionate song.

- I adored the little movies that were shown in between the performances. I think this is the first time some of them made me laugh. Lovely job <3

- Ukraine was funny even though they need to practise how to count in German XD

- Sorry, my precious friends from the UK, but there's bad songs and there's awful songs. Your entry was off the scale ;_;

- We don't need a change of rules. Serbia didn't win cuz the other Eastern Europen countries voted for them. They won cuz everyone voted for them. If you take the non-Western countries out of the equation, rank 1 and 2 stay the same.

- I despise this country and its media for bashing the contest, its rules and the winner like this. Just because we did badly. Shame on you.
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( Feb. 4th, 2007 05:08 pm)
So Viacom did it again. Boo.
But y'know what?
I'm not the least bit sad about it. Because I can see the reactions.
People switching to other methods and places to upload stuff, people posting and fulfilling requests for stuff that's been lost, people helping each other out with sharing their videos.
That makes me so happy.
I really think Viacom just hurt themselves by doing such stuff. They also made us fans stick together even more.
And if they actually think they're in control of anything (can anyone really be that stupid?), I do feel sorry for them. Nothing more.
[/mini rant]

BTW, little meta-y thing about fan fiction and stuff (for the German speakers) on my German blog.
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( Dec. 22nd, 2006 04:12 pm)
Hongfire was closed.
The reason?
They have lolicon pictures, torrents and discussion on their forum. And apparently, loli is illegal in the US, just as "real" child porn is.
(Read more here.)

Right now, I honestly don't know what to think about this.
The conservative part of me says that "But it's just animation" can't be an excuse for having such stuff. It just can't.
On the other side, one who might refer to certain studies saying that watching porn keeps people from becoming rapists. Maybe that's applicable in ths case as well?
This is really hard to decide or even think about.
I wonder what will happen to HF now...
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( Dec. 18th, 2006 02:21 pm)
I think even mentioning this - without telling what exactly it's about - is already a spoiler.
So I don't recommend clicking the cut.
Guess I just need to whine.

T________________T )

On a positive note, [ profile] yamasagi gave me his black second-generation Furby (whom I named E-Bay cuz I'm stoopid ^^) because he was acting strange.
He kept stopping in the middle of whathever he was doing and reverted to "listening mode" (And no, he's NOT George Bush *lol*).
My initial suspicion were nearly depleted batteries so I took them out and gave E-Bay the ones I had removed from Nah-Bah (my white Furby). And lo, he was perfectly fine, sang and danced like nothing had ever happened =)
Call me Furby Nurse ^_~

Mum also introduced me to a fun cooking show on German TV today O_O
Sometimes I feel like we Germans didn't really take over the concept of stand-up comedy very well.
As far as I understand it, one of the main qualities of a stand-up comedian should be spontaniety - as in "the ability to react upon the audience, change things and invent new stuff on the fly".
Unfortunately, most German comedians are simply unable to do that. This becomes especially clear when, as a guest in some late night/talk show, the only thing they do is repeat the same lines from their programs over and over again.
Another good test are improv shows which have become a real trend over here during the last few years (Actually, in the German rendition of Thank God You're Here, the guy who keeps surprising everyone with his funny acting is the only recurring guy Oli P. - and he's NOT a comedian AT ALL! I think this says something).
Of course, there are some awesome and notable exceptions, like Knacki Deuser, who is just amazing at audience interaction and baffled me each time I saw him performing on stage (2004 and 2005).
But the great mass of German stand-up people is just made up of trained monkeys who just lack that geniune funny-ness that a lot of UK/US guys seem to have.
It's a bit sad, really.


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