So, no laptop (Friday, hopefully), and no game (tomorrow, I'm sure of it, shoulda been here today).
In other news: Today was my first "day of the bag" at my new university. What the hell is that, you ask?
Well, it's basically some people giving out plastic bags that contain freebies, free magazines, brochures and such. There's stuff like small tryout packages of food, condoms (!), hygiene products (Did they notice the same thing I tend to notice about certain male fellow students? =_=) and so on. Today, there was a CD-R in it O_o
They also had a new kind of lottery where they take your photo and put it on their website. Then, you have to check for your pic, tell them the number and your name/address/university and you can win some stuff. Unfortunately, I already found mine. Please don't click, I look horrible and sick and ugh. Well, I am sick, but still. Maaaannnn... T_T

Finally, in other other news:
=> Fellow Doctor Who fans identified at new uni: 2
=> Of those, number of students in my year: 1
Not bad for three weeks into it, eh? I guess having a Ten/Jack/Martha wallpaper on Kan-chan does help. Today, after the last lecture, Hendrik, who had been sitting behind me, suddenly asked "So, how far have you watched it?". Hee =)

I hope my voice doesn't disappear again tomorrow. I'm having lunch with Cathi and not being able to talk when we only meet once a week would definitely suck big time. Fingers crossed, eh?
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