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( Oct. 17th, 2007 09:50 am)
I'm not dead, just readjusting. It's the first week of class and both the number as well as the running time of lectures are still severely reduced.

Orientation week (last week) was pretty fun, especially the day all the IT first-years met and some of our seniors showed us around the campus a bit. One of them is a Doctor Who fan. I know that because he visited my blog and afterwards, he quoted a line from "Blink" on our faculty forum =)

My timetable is still not quite done because we still have to get sorted into the exercise groups. However, it seems I'll have class from 8 AM to 6 PM on Mondays (O_O), on the other hand, I might very likely get Friday off. Awesome!

Also, I've been living in the cafeteria since Friday. I'm kinda obsessed with decent food at such a good price. Unfortunately, I never got to got there at my old uni becasue nobody wanted me to spend money when mum's cooking at home. Including me. Ah well.

The first look into some of the things we'll be doing in the various classes was interesting, yet slightly intimidating. Well, I've still got help at the ready, in case I need it. However, the real things (programming [Java] and mathematics) are still to come. Tomorrow *gulps*

I also met some nice people. There's this very sweet Christian girl in economy who kept comparing me to her best friend. Awww. We'll try to have lunch together once a week even though we study different subjects. Also, there's that guy in my faculty (long, black hair, leather jacket, buttons, kinda Metal-looing in general, fellow cat-owner) who's super nice. We've been sitting next to each other in class and riding on the bus home all week. Cool =)

So, I guess things are fine over here.


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