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([personal profile] jessybxx Oct. 8th, 2010 08:36 pm)
I can't write another tweet for the next god-knows-how-many hours and just had to delete about 150 SPAM tweets manually.
You're probably wondering what happened.
I was working to set up a new German blog and tried importing entries from my old blog. What I didn't realize was that the WordPress Tweeter was not only installed and running but also had my new login and password. So, it tweeted every single post that was imported, resulting in an almighty stream of useless SPAM tweets.
I only noticed when [profile] rdyfrde asked what the hell this was supposed to be and of course, I nearly died of shock and scrambled to rectify this.
But this also explained why importing stopped after about 150 entries. I had simply reached my daily limit of Twitter status updates and apparently, if tweeting the stuff doesn't work, the WordPress importer simply stops.
What a mess ._.
However, this also led tome discovering WordPress Suicide, a neat little plugin to wipe all your entries, comments and categorizes, leaving an empty but working WordPress installation.
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