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([personal profile] jessybxx Jan. 7th, 2009 11:04 pm)
The line (50 Mbit down, 10 Mbit up) has been running smoothlessly since about 1 PM!
My laptop's WLAN is still reacting a bit strangely, but anyway. Whee, fast even faster insanely fast internet ;)
The noise margin has increased to 15 dB. Holy shit O.o
No, you don't have to exactly know what that means, but anything below 12 dB is bad. With our old 16 Mbit line, the noise margin was about 5 or 6 dB, and that's probably where all the CRC download errors came from.
From now on, we can also watch TV - and even HDTV - via the net.
Crazy, huh? XD
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