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( Sep. 24th, 2007 02:45 pm)
So, I didn't get enrolled. Instead, I got a stupid fuckin' token that instead of a date only says a number. I had to look up the date somewhere else.
And it's the 4th of October. Much later than I'd like, in the middle of a long weekend, and, what's more, I'm pretty sure there's not way I'll get my ID (= semester bus ticket) before the introductory meetings start. Which means more Euros will be wasted for goddamn nothing.
I mean, at least I can look up all the dates and times for those newbie meetings so that, even having to pay far too much for bus tickets, at least I'll know where to go and when. Actually, if I read the list of classes correctly, I can already write most of my timetable before having met one single person in the faculty. Which is good. Also, most of the classes seem to be in the afternoon. OMG, late uni when I'm totally used to 8 to 12/14 in the morning O_o
But still.

What happened, then?
Why, the token machine magically existed after all, quite contrary to what the office lady last week told me (!) and certainly in a different place compared to the instructions on the web page.
Er... ass?

And of course, upon calling mum to keep her posted on things, all she can do is turn the whole thing around to try and make it my fault.
"You could have asked one of the students waiting in line".
... huh?
Those confused, baggy-pants-wearing kids, some of whom had their mummies with them, and who, judging from their looks, were certainly much more helpless than I was?
Why, does my dear mother think, I asked someone who works there instead of them? Uh... maybe because they organize the whole bumfuck?
I mean, when you're shopping, you don't ask other customers for help instead of the clerks, right? But apparently, in hardcore bureaucracy, it's not reason that gets you through. What else it is that will lead to the ultimate success, I can't say. I really can't say.

What I can say is how happy I am that this is the first and last time I'll have to do this. If you are already a student, you can register - and, most importantly, pay - for the next semester online. Woohoo. Why they don't do that for the newcomers, I have no idea. It's probably too easy. Maybe you need to pass this test of nerves before you're worthy to study at that place.

However, names of classes look utterly awesome. Can't wait =)
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( Mar. 2nd, 2007 09:30 am)
Sheesh, why does it have to be like that all the time?

There's something you might do.
But you're pretty sure doing it wouldn't be wise right now and you're totally okay with it.
And once time's up, you start regretting not having done it.
Nice... not.

Don't mind me. I just had to type it up to get it over with. I'm okay, really.


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