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([personal profile] jessybxx Apr. 10th, 2007 02:04 pm)
On Easter Sunday we visited my parents.

- Great food and even greater fun talking and goofing around
- Bro told me he might do NaNo this year. Wow O_O Actually... Add another "Wow" because I know I couldn't do 1600 words a day
- Mum's new car (brand-new black Opel Corsa) hasn't arrived yet
- We brought back tons of stuff:
--> Some summer clothes, especially some spaghetti strap tops. Yeah, my arms are too fat for them but I still wanna show off my tattoo, so I guess people will have to live with the sight ;)
--> A few DVDs
--> My PS2 (to put in the bedroom XD) and all the games
--> Books (Mostly old stuff from uni to sell at eBay, especially a whole bunch of Latin stuff *shudders*)
--> My rice cooker (Because it's bigger than [ profile] yamasagis)

I still find it difficult to stop connecting that place to the word "home". Well, guess it does take some time...
Moreover, I can't tell whether I miss them people or not. Yes, I have issues. Big ones.


- Mr Bean's Holiday at 5:15
- Afterwards: Burger King. They have special edition Whoppers right now. OMG cucumber Whopper :O~~~

From: [identity profile]

*hugs* =(

Oh, also? C-cucumber whopper? O_o;; I'm not a big fan of Burger King to begin with, so the notion of a "cucumber whopper" makes my stomach turn just a little. =P

From: [identity profile]

I love the Whopper. Maybe its cuz I never had Burger King when I was younger *shrugs*


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