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I decided to do this one a little differently from the usual holiday reports.

15 hours is the amount of time we slept during my first night in Italy. Fuck, but we were tired O_o

Accents were quite important. Lia's Italian one is adorable, my German one is kinda dorky IMHO, but Motty stated it's cute. Uh... thanks *blush*

Air mattress was what I was supposed to sleep on. But after Lilith had decided to use it as a loo, we both ended up in Tiny Hell's aerial bed. Which was pretty OK, too.

Aldo is Motty's boyfriend. He's a friendly guy and even speaks a little bit of English.

Azumanga Daioh is one of the animes I brought with me on DVD. Kai paddle, anyone?

Boots of Doom was our preferred choice of shoes. Because we love ourselves some clunky goodness ^_~

Cinema museum was visited on Tuesdday and I have to say it was just cool :D

Dani is one of Lia's best friends and he seems like a very funny guy to hang around with... provided you understand him. But the story of the dogs was quite intersting indeed *lol*

Dea is another one of Lia's best friends. She created the famous chibi comics and even made some for me *happy*

Ficken am Strand is a rather rude German name for the cocktail called Sex on the Beach. The name became sopme sort of running joke. God, I think I only taught Lia useless stuff XD

Gamma Ray was one of the bands we listened to in the car or at home. What fun :D

Germanwings is a low-cost airline that still brought me to Italy and back safely. And they seem to have a wacky sense of humour, which you will see once I get some more pics uploaded.

Gesundheit is German for "Bless you" and was anohter useless phrase I taught Lia.

Hanuta was one of the German sweets I brought to Italy. And I think it was well-liked down there ;)

Japanese restaurant was where we went on Monday. OMG yummy stuff <3

Jungle wa itsumo Hale nochi Guu is another anime I brought to Italy. And we agreed that whatever drugs the creators were taking, we want some of it XD

Lia is short, funny, friendly and all kinds of awesome. Well, it's not like I didn't know that before, but meeting her for real was a whole different story :D

Lilith is Lia's cat. I like her even though she sometimes pisses on stuff. But she can be really cute and funny ^_^

Margot is the kitten owned by Lia's landlords. I love her. She's cuddly and adorable. Oh, and she likes to sit on the boiler O_o

Matteo is 19 and came to visit on Tuesday. He likes Metal and manga and actually remembered some German from school.

Milano was my airport and where we spent the afternoon on the day of my departure. Visiting the Duomo and eating granita ice cream was really nice.

Mole is one of the famous sights of Torino and also where the cinema museum is located. The view from up there was awesome, just wait for the pics!

Motty is Lia's mum and a very nice lady. Not to mention her food which is awesome :)~~~

Mozart bombs was what my Mozartkugeln turned into when Lia tried to open the box and sent the things flying all around the room *lol*

Pizza was what we had Friday night. Mmh...

Puntet was where we spent Thursday afternoon and the night. We ended up not sleeping that much because of the cold, the hard floor and various other things. But it was cool to have been there :D

Skype was what I used to talk to my family... with Lia listening and not getting a word *lol*

SOIS is Lia's book. And I actually got to touch it and read a bit of it *happy*

Squishy cow belongs to Lia and I kinda fell in love with her. Unfortunately, we didn't manage to get one for me as they're sold out =_=

Stargate Atlantis was the awesome SciFi series I planned to get Lia adicted to. And what shall I say? It was a complete and utter success. We watched two of the four DVDs I burned for her :D

Tears were shed when I had to leave. Gosh, that was such a desparate moment T_____T

Three is my mp3 player and he was named after a character from Lia's clone saga. I think she was pretty happy to meet him ^^

Tiny Hell is Lia's house which is small but charming, and I really felt at home despite it being a constant mess ;)

Tony is my little wolfie. You met him in my last post!

Torino is a beautiful city, full of life, very chaotic but definately worth a visit or two. Especially when you have an awesome friend who happens to live there ^_~

Traffic in Torino scares me to death. Especially going by car *shudders* But I'm still alive so all's well :)

I hope I didn't forget anything important.
And if I did, there's still [ profile] silicondreams to kick remind me ;)

Oh, and look at my chibi icon. Isn't it cute?

Pictures will follow tomorrow!

From: [identity profile]

*wipes a little tear* I love this report. And I really have to thank you for this week. It was...really something else. *makes two Pina Coladas* here's to next time!

From: [identity profile]

And I really have to thank you for this week. It was...really something else.
Well, I have to agree ^_^

*makes two Pina Coladas* here's to next time!
What? No Ficken am Strand? XDD
Well, I prefer Pina Coloada, so... *drinks*

From: [identity profile]

Sounds like a great time. Thanks for sharing the joy, and I'm looking forward to your pics. And the icon is awesome.

From: [identity profile]

I'm glad you ladies had such a good time.

And that I didn't need to wire bail money. ;)


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