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2009-03-31 11:46 pm
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Not again T-T

My HDD just made a really ugla noise and a few seconds later, the whole laptop just froze.
Um... I guess I'd better move all of my data to Sakura like, right now. At least I know it's safe there since the server duplicates everything you put on it.
Also, [ profile] yamasagi can just get me a new one in a day or two.
Still... mehness. The machine isn't even a year old ;_;
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2007-11-10 12:14 pm

(No) laptop - Update

Sooooo, my bad feeling was, once again, absolutely correct.
When [ profile] yamasagi called the shop guys yesterday (we used his account since he already had one and it would have been stupid to open up a second one for me, so he was the one talking to them) he said they had saved our order as cash-in-advance. I guess they were waiting for me to send them the money, which of course makes total sense if you want to pick up the item by yourself. Yeah, perfectly sensible *groan*
He said he'd check where the laptop is and would call us again. At that point, it was 2 PM. When we had heard nothing from them at 5:30 (half an hour before the end of their opening hours), Yama tried to call them again, but nobody picked up. The hell...?!
The whole affair was even more surprising because when we bought our LCD TV from them back in summer, everything went well. Heck, that was the reason why we chose them in the first place. Guess once some company has more than ten customers, everything (service, common sense and such) just goes to hell by default :|
So we finally decided to cancel our order while I was already looking for machines inside our fave computer store's current products flyer. They have some decent specimen at reasonable prices. Also, whatever laptop I'll be getting now, at least I can be sure to get proper - or indeed, any - service if something happens.
This also means I won't be getting a IBM/Lenovo. On the other hand, I'll be obtaining much better specs for the same money. Which I like. A lot.
And after this episode, I won't be so picky about having a touch pad instead of a TrackPoint. At least I'll get the damn comp right away.
So, this afternoon, it's laptop shopping ^_^
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2007-11-09 08:55 am

You're a bad, bad week *slaps*

This week sucks. Big time. Pls to be over nao?

- My cold is almost gone. [ profile] yamasagi has it now ;_;

- Nino (our uber awesome Java teacher) got other people to teach the exercise groups. I think now he's only doing the lecture itself. Nooooo *sobs*

- Missed the bus on Wednesday which caused Cathi and me to get stuck amidst 130 high school kids who were on a field trip to the university. Apparently, their teachers had had the wonderful idea of sending them to lunch all at once. Morons.

- Missed the bus again today. Thankfully, this time, that only meant a 20-minute walk home with considerably nice music.

- That guy on eBay sent me the wrong item. And getting it replaced won't make sense, money-wise. Crap crap crappity crap crap!!

- I'm worried sick for not getting my new laptop today after all. I dunno, they did say they'll have it by the end of the week, but I still have a terribly bad feeling.

Now excuse me while I play a session of You don't know Jack 3. Or two. Or three. Or...
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2007-09-28 09:29 am

Aw, come ON!

I wanted to download KODA Kumi's discography for [ profile] yamasagi (Personally, her music makes me run away. Fast.), but the torrent isn't seeded.

I wanted to have a look at the promo clips for Clannad (I read a short synopsis of the story and it sounded really interesting), but the scarywater tracker is down.

It's not even Friday the 13th ;)
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2007-09-26 12:22 pm

Of bad doctors and... bad doctors (2/2)

Alright, so. As I said, I write well on anger. So here goes my rather long story about what happened to me this very morning. Enjoy, and I really mean that ;)

Clicky, clicky for the madness )

So, that was my morning. How was yours, and did anyone actually read this thing all the way till the end? I'd love to know!
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2007-09-26 11:14 am

Of bad doctors and... bad doctors (1/2)

Two hours ago, I was completely and utterly devastated. I think I haven't been that desperate since... yes, since those disastrous two days back in February. Right now, I'm just furious. And as you might know, I write rather well on anger and frustration. I'll tell you the full story in my next entry. Right now, let me just describe what I know, allergy-wise.

So, apparently (pending thorough lab tests), I'm allergic to almost anything. That includes most types of pollen (with grass being the worst), dust mites, mites, and cats. Yes, cats. The moment the doc told me, I was crushed. However, right now, I'm okay. Because I don't react to them. That is a possibility, at least that's what I heard on TV.

There's this magazine on TV, and they did a new allergy speed test with their audience. Some of them, who had lived with cats and/or dogs all their lives, suddenly found out that they're allergic to exactly those animals. I mean, what the hell is that about?

And, I mean, I just don't react. I don't. I moved here in February and didn't get any allergic reactions for two months, which was when the pollen started blooming. I've now been without any allergy meds for about a fortnight, and there's nothing. Nothing at all. And according to, say [ profile] mirmingi (who is allergic to cats and reacts to them as well) and her adventures with the little furries, I should be dead within minutes of contact. Heck, I bury my face in their fur all the time, I kiss their little noses, all of that, 24/7. And I feel nothing. Never ever.

Apart from all that... I'm not giving them away. I'd rather keel over and die this very instant. Forget it. I love them more than I could ever describe. No way I'm giving them away to some stranger. Not as long as I'm still alive.

Then, dust mites and mites... Forget those, too. Our floor is all laminate, with only one small carpet. And I happily clean the whole apartment every week, and even between that, we keep hoovering the place. Look at Jiro and Tenchi and the tons of fur they drop everywhere, what choice do you have? So, this place should be quite free of the whole mite stuff.

Which leaves a dozen types of pollen. At least this explains why my allergy lasts that long (March/April till September/October) and why it's worst in the middle of summer (grass time). We'll see what can be done about that, but not now. I'll explain why in a moment. Just stay tuned to this very channel, wait for my next entry and experience the whole fucking ridiculousness that is bad doctors. Waa-hoo!
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2007-09-19 01:03 pm

Awesome :|

So today, I was fucked over by a university, even though I'm not their student yet.
That's something, eh?
Basically, enrollment's supposed to begin next week, and you're supposed to get an appointment beforehand. According tot he website, you can obtain these from a token machine in the office foyer. But when I got there today, they told me there is no such machine. No idea why.
They said to just join the queue. However, that was a moot point because I didn't have my documents. And why should I have when the homepage states very clearly that enrollment starts on the 24th.
So I crossed town, throwing away 4,20€ and one and a half hours for nothing.
Well, at least the place is easy to find.
Right now, the plan is to show up there again next Monday or Tuesday, with all of my documents. And if they start talking about tokens, there's gonna be casualties >:O

Anyway. No point in being pissed for something wonderful arrived yesterday - stay tuned for the report =)
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2007-09-13 03:08 pm

Apple... again

Why did Apple have to set the price for the new iPod Classic to 249 Euros (for the 80 GB model)?
I... simply cannot believe this.
Their ridiculous prices has always been my number one reason for criticizing them.
And suddenly, the product I've always wanted more or less becomes affordable.
Couldn't have anyone told me before I let off that rant yesterday??