So I talked to my friend about trains to Torino.
And she said I would've had to book the journey like, three months ago if I had wanted it to be affordable. Huh?
She said, and I quote, "everyone's going down there during the summer".
Believe me, she's a real expert when it comes to public transport. Tho she likes cars and driving as well ;)
Anyway, after some discussion we came up with a sort of emergency plan.
Cuz I'm not one to give up that easily, no sir >:D

Said plan wouldd include me taking Germanwings and the two flights (August 26 / September 2) cost 116€, taxes included.
Taking the bus would cost 103€, but that'd be a long and tedious journey.
Who'd want to exchange one and a half hours on an AIRbus with 12 hours on an ordinary bus if you just save 13 bucks? Well, I wouldn't :D
And I talked to dad and he'd prolly volunteer to drop me off at Cologne/Bonn airport and give me a ride back home the week after that. Plus it's on Saturdays so he can go back to sleep later *lol*
No probs on that side, I suppose.

Still, Milan's not Torino. Obviously. So, how to get there?
But I'm on the 'net, right? I can research, right?
And research I did. Like, whoa.

Which brought me here, to the official site of the Milan airports. BTW, Milan has two of 'em and the one I might land at is called Malpensa. Sound cool. But me and airports is a neverending love story, I guess ^_^;;;

It has an English version which told me that there are buses from the Malpensa airport to a couple of cities in the area. Which includes Torino and a ticked down there costs 18€. Bingo!
Which means that this whole thing might be about as difficult as getting to that Edguy concert back in February.
Tho this time I know what bus to take and how much it's gonna cost me. Haha!
Okay, I have no idea how to get back the week after that, but fucked if they don't have something like return tickets. Guess I just have to ask them people when I'm down there.
Why was dad getting all emo about the airport being the wrong one cuz it's far away from the city itself? Geez, businessmen :P
This... might... still... work...

And no, I'm not getting hysterical about maybe finally being able to get on a plane again after five years!!!
Er.... yeah. More about my morbid love for airports and flying later.
Tho I still have to break all of this to [ profile] silicondreams. Poor thing O_o Still, things are looking brighter right now, I guess :D

€dit: Okay, don't worry, things have been settled *starts countdown to August 26*
jessybxx: (Kai - shut up ;))
( Jul. 27th, 2006 12:12 am)
Talked to my friend at DB.

[ profile] silicondreams, I really hope you show up on IM tomorrow or something.
(Will be there from 2 PM, maybe earlier.)
We have a minor problem.
Though I'm still confident that we'll manage.
Damn, of course we will >:O
This is im-por-tant!!

I mean, it's mainly a prob of getting from one big city to another.
But hang on, I did that a couple of times and it always worked like a charm.
And it should be possible in any part of Europe, goddammit *mumbles*
At least it'd spare me the 12 hours of train and I'd be able to go on a plane again after what, five years?
Ooohhhhh, nice ^^

Still... This is gonna be a good night indeed.
I. Hate.Waiting.
Sleep? Far, far away.
Somewhere out in space...
*stacks up bottles of Coke*
*buries herself in thoughts about the ayatsauri ingyou remake and maybe various runs of her mum's Ralf Schmitz DVD*

Eek, an insect just flew into my lap and got roasted.
What a nice smell *pukes*

Sorry for my blabbering, but this is really getting to me right now. I'll shut up, okie?
jessybxx: (Nani?)
( Jul. 26th, 2006 07:06 pm)
... I told [ profile] silicondreams far too many details about an (my skeleton in the closet a.k.a. the weird mix/crossover universe of stories I've been stuck with since it first came into existence back in elementrary school).
Guess that's what the heat and chatting late into the night with awesome people does to you ;)
And she actually got me thinking about trying to rework it into something that could be read - and understood - by people other than me.
Somehow, I'm starting to believe it might not be an impossible thing to try...
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( Jul. 25th, 2006 06:43 pm)
... off to [ profile] silicondreamss at the end of next month.
*excited beyond anything else*
If my dumbass parents don't manage to fuck this one up as well...
I'll be visiting [ profile] silicondreams at the end of August!!!
And we have Yama on our side, and I actually have some money during that month and it's my bday on the 23rd as well so... Fuck, this has to work out.
When I checked the map, I realized how far in the North Torino actually is. So I won't even have to fly there and can take the train. 12 hours is not too bad.
And then, I don't have to worry about where to stay and stuff.
And I have a friend who works at Deutsche Bahn so she might be able to get me some nice ticket offer.
Yes, this might just work out.
Only thing left to do... Break this piece of news to my dumbass parents.
Tho they technically have no right to oppose. They should be aware of what they do to me if they do.
Uh... Wish me luck?


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