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( Mar. 15th, 2007 11:21 am)
Alright. Root filling's done, tooth filling will follow on April 18, provided the sucker behaves until then.
Somehow, I've gotten so many during those last couple of weeks, I'm already starting to get used to them. I'm weird like that *shrugs*
The stuff they put in there tastes yucky, though. And I'm hungry as hell but can't eat anything since the reight half of my mouth is still feeling as if it wasn't even there. Meh.

To cheer myself up, I got this.
Yes, it's a skull. But it's got a clock inside. Cool, huh? Well, probably not XD

Tonight, we're gonna meet up with a friend of Yama's and his girlfriend to have dinner at a Chinese restaurant in Oberhausen. Yummy :D~~~

Last night, while riding the bus home, something occurred to me.
I live in the Ruhr Area now. Getting to any concert around here would merely take like, half an hour.
Heh. Guess I gotta watch some tour schedules quite closely from now on ^____^

Anyway. Gotta hoover the house now. Cleaning day today, y'see?
So, yesterday at noon, my parents and my bro arrived here. First thing the kittehs did was hide behind the sofa and they didn't really come out again except for the one time I managed to catch Tenchi and let mum and bro stroke him a bit. First, we went to a good restaurant and had a feast. Hell, I've never seen that much meat for so few people O_O;;; Then, we walked around the lakes a bit. Finally, we decided to go to a café in the city and have waffles, coffee and ice cream. It was all kinda OK. Of course, half of the time, mum was all accusation. Still can't blame her a bit.
Before they went, mum gave me a fifty Euro note. "For public transport, so you can go everywhere you need to go", she said. Also, she paid the bunch of new clothes I ordered on the 'net last week. Today, [ profile] yamasagi said something like "Your parents rock. They keep giving you money". Yeah, they do. But I'd rather I'd be able to buy stuff on my own. And since most of the stores don't even seem to frickin' look at the applications they get in written form, tomorrow, I'll have to beat down their doors in person. Problem is, being not exactly the most outspoken person in history, I'm somewhat afraid to just walk in there asking for work. On the other hand, I have a mantra that I'll constantly be tossing around in my head. "August 11, August 11...". Why? Because everyone agreed that the only way I'm going is if I pay it from the money I made mself. So... ganbare, boku ;)
Well, I guess that's it for the moment. Going back to Biffno now ^_^
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( Feb. 22nd, 2007 04:37 pm)
Stuff I did yesterday:

- Beat public transport that tried to fuck with me. Haha >:D
- Had my ugly mug photographed for applications (Maybe I'll show you the thing later...)
- Ate donuts and other bakery stuff from a take-away bakery. I had no idea these exist, but then, I'm from the middle of nowhere XD
- Bought a couple of socks because I'm running out of them (Blackadder reference, anyone? :3)
- Wrote biiig application to the store I told you about yesterday (GoshIhopetheytakemeohprettypleasepleasethanks ^_^;;)

Stuff I did today:

- Scanned and copied high school graduation certificate and uni kickout certificate
- Called too see whether I can still join the running CPE prep course. Will apply (and pay) for it tomorrow morning, first class on Monday *squee*
- Applied online for another job at another electronics store. Ahem ;)

Yes, looks good so far.
OMGROFL. Just now, the cats stretched in unison. Awww ^^
Ah, there's Yama. C ya!!
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( Feb. 21st, 2007 01:00 pm)
(The only reason I friends-locked this entry is that I don't want my family to read this. Right now, I'm on a "no contact" policy with them and I have no intention of breaking that one.)

Yeah. Not dead.
Which is more than can be said of that one tooth over there. The damn thing is fucked. Which is funny since every dentist always swooned about my great teeth. Ha ha fuckin' ha =_=
But this was the first dentist that had a TV in the waiting room. Well, actually, it was a small, VCR-sized computer. I have to say I'm kind of sceptical about those. I mean, they run bloody Windows. No matter how much I love that OS, the thing cannot possibly run for whole days without any error. And while I was still thinking about that, the thing stopped and falshed a message telling us patients to alert the staff because the machine had lost contact to the transmitter. Haha >:D See, I knew ;)
Anway. Front right tooth's rood totally inflamed. They did some emergency work and once again, it took them two attempts to get my bloody jaw numb. Gotta get back there in two weeks to continue the repairs - and hopefully NOT for the thing to be pulled out. Which would be... crap. Ah, damn. Now the pain is gone but of course, I'm bloody afraid of the thing dying. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck!!

I also sent an email to a company I'd kill to work for, asking whether they need anyone. Of course, I'll be applying to a lot more places, but until my chances are proven zero - which hasn't happened yet - they're my top priority.
Their answer was something like "Thanks for your interest in working with our company. We are always in need of competent and industrious personnel. Now, I'd like you to send us your full application."
Right. So "interested" is a bit of an understatement (Hell, those people sell computer parts. Why would someone like me NOT want to work for them?!), but hey, that's cool. And since I can easily get around a rather large area by bus, I have several of their shops to choose from. Also, I love the things they sell so I'd be more than motivated to do stuff for them. Well, that could look worse, I guess. And they're not the only electronics-related store around. Plus, should all of this fail, I can still take up private teaching again. Yea *nod nod*

Oh! Oh! On Sunday, I cooked. Which is something unusual for me. And guess what? It was tasty @.@
Well, I have to say, the recipe was pretty damn great in the first place (Thanks, Georg ^^).
Anway. It seems like, if you're able to read and follow instructions it's no big deal, really. But back home, I was constantly afrait of mum dumping the job on me entirely. So, yeah. For me (and Yama), it's cool =)

Yeah, so. For now, everything seems to be kinda okay.

The only thing that drives me craa~aazy is Yama's damn router. The thing seems to be unable to handle HTTP traffic correctly. Which means I get tons of timeouts and sometimes, it takes a dozen attempts to open a web site. Bittorrent, however? Not a problem. Crappy thing *kicks it*

Soon, I gotta go and take pictures for my applications. Laterz ^_^
- stuffed mum and bro into my car and had an amazing lunch at the Chinese restaurant

- formatted the HDD of mum's old comp and installed Windows XP and Microsoft Office for dad

- sat in the dining room with mum and bro, with various computers and laptops around, writing some stuff for the homepage, talking, laughing, listening to stupid music and eating chocolate

- squee'd muchly during the newest show of c't TV

- wondered why [ profile] yamasagi wasn't on Skype, then found out that his main computer died but he manged to get it working again

- taught mum a bit of Etomite

- decided to spontaneously drive to the kebap guy and get some yum for mum and me since bro was at a friend's place

- drove through the cold, dark, rainy evening, kebap on the other seat, stereo blasting "Trinidad" and me singing along loudly

- had kebap and watched tons of random stuff

Had fun, I guess ^^
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( Feb. 3rd, 2007 10:17 pm)
Happy Birthday, dad!!

- Right now, we're up against a wall with installing Etomite on that crappy Windows server mum's choir rented. Which drives me mad but right now, there is very little I can do.

- Got Super Eurobeat Vol. 174. So far, I've identified three huge highlights on there. More later (maybe).

- Had a nice lunch at the Thai restaurant even though the place was crammed. But I kinda feel like the place where we parked was trying to annoy us. There, I took a pic of it:

Yes, this says exit. And yes, it points to a wall. The real exit was even further to the left. Eek.

- Parents put up my parking sign without telling me so I was a bit surprised when I got to my car today. Look:

- Had trouble with all three cars today. Luckily, in case of Kou-chan, it was just a jammed trunk lock. Phew!

- Instead of staying at home, waiting for people to come and with him a happy birthday, dad went shopping on his own (As I said, mum's out with her choir all weekend). Which means that *I* had to explain to all the neighbours that he wasn't available and some of them were pretty surprised, to say the least. I mean, it's his choice and all, but the next person to call ME anti-social, will be shot without trial. BTW, right now, he's celebrating at our neighbour's place who became grandparents of twins recently. So he's hopefully having sort of an okay time after all.

- He got a heap of chocolate and cookies from bro and me. He said "Wow, that's a lot of stuff, so I'll call you to share it". I thought that was hella cute <3

- I also got some chocolate pudding for bro and me because I felt like it. Oh, and a bag of BUM. Still need to try it, though. Since my trunk didn't open, I had to put all of the food onto the front passenger seat. Looked funny *lol*

Okay, that's it for now. Coming up a bit alter: Some rambling about current House and c't TV episodes. Plus maybe some words concerning SEB 174. Yahoo... not XD
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( Jan. 24th, 2007 04:48 pm)
Mum bought a ton of tortilla chips and salsa.
And... Curly Wurly :D

The parts for Horatio have arrived.
I don't know yet when we'll build him, but it's good to see how quickly Alternate delivered them. Good work!

(I just heard Georg say "Even with a 16x DVD burner, it's better to use 8x only". How very true indeed...)
Woah *wipes eyes*
Jon and that puppy, that easily hit my Top ten of Cutest Things ever.
*blows nose*

I'm back on Max after my six-day experiment of "Is it possible to rely solely on your laptop?". Well, it worked perfectly, I'm fuckin' proud of Kan-chan, but it seems like Max is pouting. He's acting up like mad. Firefox made him crash violently and right now, he refuses to talk to my digicam. Eek O_O

Got myself a CMS to manage my site collective.
Bro recommened Etomite sinc eit's effective and not as huge and difficult as some of the others.
Tried it and it's brilliant!
Importing my pre-made layout was a matter of minutes and it seems like my HTML knowledge stopped getting in the way, too ;)

Now it's day two after the storm and we still got no streetlamps.
And it's only situations like this that makes you realize just how dark the night itself can be if there's no electricity around.

... storm? No lights? Darkbess? Nowhere to go? Nothing to do?
*twoe ars pop up in the corner of the room*
Oh noes!!
*fights off bunny*
BTW, mum's making rabbit tomorrow T_T
So both Sacha Baron Cohen and Hugh Laurie won a Globe. Nice haul for my boys!

I think I converted [ profile] yamasagi to a Stephen Colbert fan. He just called and swooned about last Thursday's episode. Yay me ^_^

Today, I gave mum half a Curly Wurly. She loved it =)
And one and a half hours later, she called me (we have four telephones in the house and can make internal calls for free) and asked "Do you have anohter one of those chocolate thingies?". Well, I had one left and gave ehr half of it. Now I'm out of Curlys T_T
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( Jan. 15th, 2007 11:28 pm)
(Somehow, Semagic crashed while sending this entry so I re-posted it now, about five hours later -_-)

Well, drove around a bit more.
Kou-chan's stereo and the speakers are very good. And listening to Majestic at eardrum-splitting volume makes every journey worthwhile \m/

However, before I could even start, I had to defrost him. The problem ist that the side of the valley we live on hardly gets any sun during the winter months. So my poor baby was completely frozen T_T Scratching away the ice with that plastic thingy nearly killed my arms, it's tons worse than my non-servo steering! [ profile] yamasagi said he'd get me some of that defrosting spray. Good idea XD

Anyway. Driving is still so much fun. Wouldn't ever wanna give Kou-chan away. It's so warm and comfortable inside. I'm so proud of him <3 <3 <3

I also have to take back all the bad stuff I said about the grocery store mum usually shops at. Not only did they have four (!) types of Oreo, I also found this:

Chocolate-coated caramel goodness. Yay ^_^

Unfortunately, I didn't manage to obtain a c't magazine anywhere. I tried four stores, but found exactly nothing. It looks like someone ate them all O_O;;;

One more weird thing:

Is it a CD cakebox?

No, it's the geekiest cookie jar in the world :D

Later, I'mma have a talk with that bunny of mine. Since I have a beta, I might just as well TRY to pull this one off. Yea *nods*
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( Jan. 15th, 2007 02:48 pm)
- Eating at Subway and trying the tuna sub that bro recommended. Me likey =)
- Free Latte Macchiato because mum collected all those bonus points on her card
- Visiting the all-new Media Markt (electronics store) for the first time. So big and shiny and full of geeky stuff ^_^
- Laughing my ass of at mum joking and flirting with a 27-year old electronics sales clerk O_o
- Checking for VCRs and seeing that they're dying out bloody fast

In a few minutes, I'll drag my ass outta the house oncee again. It's Kou-chan time! Still haven't tested the radio so that's the first point on my list. Then, I'm gonna cruise around a bit and shop for some groceries and prolly the newest c't mag. Uh-huh, sounds good. C ya *wavey*
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( Jan. 7th, 2007 06:07 pm)
I bought a new ramen bowl and last night, I tried it out:

Yummy *drools*

The bowl emptied

WTF?! For some reason, Squishy Cow likes to sit in it ^^

I also got this:

- Demae Ramen sesame flavour (2 packets) (one already eaten XD)
- Demae Ramen duck flavour (2 packets)
- Demae Ramen curry flavour (2 packets)
- Korean noodle soup (mild) (4 bowls)
- Onigiri flavouring vegetable flavour
- Onigiri flavouring Perilla flavour
- Korean plum candy
- Japanese melon bubblegum
- Japanese grape bubblegum

Other stuff I bought with my Xmas money:

- 80 GB HDD for Kan-chan - silent and super fucking fast *O*

- Warhammer Army figure case (Bought off Yama for half the usual price since he got a bigger one)
- Warhammer Tyranid model: Zoanthrope
- Warhammer Tyranid models: 2 Gargoyles
- Warhammer Citadel colours to paint my new and old Tyranids

- Rayman Raving Rabbids for PS2 (Amazing game!)

Car crap:

- New cassette adapter to connect Three to Kou-chan's radio (Can't WAIT to try ^_^). Mum is keeping the old one.
- Little white plushie ghost holding a pumpkin - rear view mirror decoration for Kou-chan

SEB 173 is pure bloody CRACK. I mean, 171 and especially 172 have been really great, but the number of mind-blowing guitar-enhanced songs on 173 is just incredible.
Also, there are 10 songs I like. Out of 18. The average is like, four or five. Good album, huh?
Well, maybe that's the reason I keep failing to tear myself away from it? =)
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( Jan. 5th, 2007 11:51 pm)
Decisions, decisions...
This time: Rear view mirror decoration.
Should I get a plushie spider or a white ghost holding a pumpkin?

Well, at least I grabbed my own mp3 player cassette adapter =)

Memo to self: In case you're wondering who ate all of your chocolate coins - that was you =_=
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( Dec. 21st, 2006 12:16 am)
I did it, I did it!
And gosh, my food vocab is still so very weak *sobs*
Anywho, here it is!

1. Corn salad cream soup
(Soup from salad? I wodner how that works...)

2. Frisee salad and smoked salmon
(Yummy, salad with chicken, meat or fish is always good)

3. Beef Burgundy with potato gnocchi and beetroot
(The German name for beetroot, Rote Beete, suggests they're red. Uh... sorry, but they look very purple to me ^_~)

4. Tiramisu
(I don't think I ever tried Tiramisu. Well, time to do so!)
(Just because...)

- go out and buy coke and mineral water
- PotC 2 at 8 PM (Could've started earlier but mum and me don't want to miss our current favourite show on German TV)

Somewhere between today and Sudnay
- getting my hair re-dyed (I look like a goddamn red-blonde zebra right now =_=)
- playing more of The Bard's Tale

- lunch@Xmas fair with the family
- Borat (subtitled!) at 10 PM (with mum and bro)

- lunch@granny's
- [ profile] yamasagi will arrive at our place in the afternoon
- early evening: presents! (Those of you who didn't know yet: We Germans get them on the evening of the 24th)
- four-course dinner made by mum (I have the menu list and might have a go at translating it later)

- lunch at home
- off to [ profile] yamasagis and having a great time there
- coming back on a yet undecided date in early January

'nother random Qi quote:
(Question: What is the loudest thing in the ocean?")
Phil Kay: "Must it not be the sea itself?"
Stephen: "Ahhhhhhh....... no."

That episode also had a classical UK/US misunderstanding between Stephen and Moe Rich Hall. Rich said his aunt was struck by a lightning and Stephen thought he meant his ant ^_^;;; Somehow, it's kinda weird to actually see something like this happen.

BTW, Stephen came sixth in the BBC Living Icons poll. Not bad considering he had to compete against Sir David Attenborough, Paul Mc Cartney and David Bowie!
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( Dec. 6th, 2006 09:44 pm)
BTW, happy Santa Claus day to the Germans on my flst =)
Mum gave me a couple of chocolate Santas on a stick (... what? XD) and a box of Mozart bombs(TM) ^_~
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( Oct. 25th, 2006 06:46 pm)
I just battled a glass of hot Salsa sauce. Damn, that thing was good. But I still won.
Now that it's open... dinner time!!!
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( Oct. 17th, 2006 08:17 pm)

For me...

... for bro who had already eaten but likes the stuff, too...

... and for mum who is known to just want " a taste" of things.

I think this is the first time I got the rice just right so that it gets glued together nicely but stops being sticky once it dries out on the outside. Yay!
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( Sep. 11th, 2006 05:32 pm)
Bored yet?

Some random pics of new stuff... )

Coming up:
1. A disgusting, five-minute look at the German dub of Stargate Atlantis and how they managed to ruin ALL of the characters ([ profile] yamasagi is waiting for this I think :D)
2. 40 years of Star Trek: More about my early slash-related influences - it's all Gene's fault (okay, maybe not ^_~)
I'm feeding mum House episodes on VHS.
Okay, it's only the dub but it's not bad. It got me hooked on the series, so it can't be bad. And Dieter Klebsch (German voice actor for House) is doing a good job even though his voice is far too low and he sometimes overodes it a bit in terms of harshness. But otherwise, he's really got a lot of talent for the evil cheekiness that is House :3
Anway, today, mum quoted her fave lines from the latest episode (1x08 Poison). Success, I guess ^_^

I got an Austrian friend of mine to take a look at the series.
She said this might be the first time ever we agree on a guy. Bloody hell, that's one cool piece of news O_o
*looks forward to hearing some comments from her*

Wow, two consecutive days without soccer... I think I'm on withdrawal *twitches*

At least I got some more of that sunflower seed chocolate lying around.How would Hosue describe it?... yummy. He says that in both 1x01 and 1x02, did you notice that? Maybe the script writers agreed with everyone else. It just sounds too hot to only have him say it once :)~~~

And it's Yama's bday tomorrow, yaaaaay ^____^
*already wrapped his awesome pressie*
*can't WAIT to give it to him*


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