So, I've been spending the last... uh... three hours trying to piece together a somewhat reasonable schedule for next semester (starting in early October).
After nearly pulling my hair out more than once, I've come to the following conclusions:
- IMHO, they just close the place on Mondays and Fridays, there's next to nothing happening on these days anyway. So much for trying to destroy the cliché of anyone connected to a university being goddamn lazy.
- If you're not a first-year student and one of your subjects doesn't happen to be the most common one in the world (Sorry for wanting to do Japanese studies, I'm such a bad person >:|), you'll end up with classes clashing and having to redo your time table over and over and over. The fact that 95% of all courses are crammed into the three days in the middle of the week doesn't help much.
- You can move, check and re-check all you want, in the end, you'll end up with the most unbalanced schedule in the history of academics. That usually means having to be at uni all day on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and having little or no classes on Monday and Friday.
- If you want to know what to do for your obligatory electives, don't try to do something that makes sense. Just select according to what fits into your timetable and doesn't look too horrible or outlandish. The way things look now, I'll end up doing nothing BUT those in my fifth semester just to get those credits coming in. Yeargh.

Sheesh, what a bother. Still, I'm hopeful I'll get used to coming home at 8 PM, it's not like I haven't survived that for a full semester before.
Wish me luck for getting into all the classes I want (especially the comics and media narratology ones, I'd KILL to be able to attend them!), but I'm somewhat hopeful since I'll be getting up at 5 AM on Wednesday because that's when online registration opens. Yeah, fucking stupid, but what can one do ? >_<

Also, somewhat related: It seems that the new subway connection between Düsseldorf main station and the university is finished and was opened today. That means that we can get from Duisburg to Düsseldorf uni without having to change, but it'll quite possibly take twice the time. Wow, that was ONE useful building enterprise there. Not ;P


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