This week sucks. Big time. Pls to be over nao?

- My cold is almost gone. [ profile] yamasagi has it now ;_;

- Nino (our uber awesome Java teacher) got other people to teach the exercise groups. I think now he's only doing the lecture itself. Nooooo *sobs*

- Missed the bus on Wednesday which caused Cathi and me to get stuck amidst 130 high school kids who were on a field trip to the university. Apparently, their teachers had had the wonderful idea of sending them to lunch all at once. Morons.

- Missed the bus again today. Thankfully, this time, that only meant a 20-minute walk home with considerably nice music.

- That guy on eBay sent me the wrong item. And getting it replaced won't make sense, money-wise. Crap crap crappity crap crap!!

- I'm worried sick for not getting my new laptop today after all. I dunno, they did say they'll have it by the end of the week, but I still have a terribly bad feeling.

Now excuse me while I play a session of You don't know Jack 3. Or two. Or three. Or...


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