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([personal profile] jessybxx Oct. 25th, 2007 09:55 am)
Phew... that was rather close.
When I tried to up Kan-chan this morning, he hung himself right on the "Windows is starting" screen.
Had several heart attacks, but when I force-restarted him, he booted correctly all the way to the desktop and beyond.
That'd have been fun. An unusable laptop... with all of my math notes on it, probably lost forever *shudders*
Of coruse, the first thing I did when he was up and running again, was to copy them notes to Max.
I hope Kan-chan will be fine, I don't excactly have thew moolah to buy a brand-new laptop, bot now and probably not ever ;)
Anway, off to uni in a mo. C ya... some time O_o


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