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([personal profile] jessybxx Sep. 19th, 2007 01:03 pm)
So today, I was fucked over by a university, even though I'm not their student yet.
That's something, eh?
Basically, enrollment's supposed to begin next week, and you're supposed to get an appointment beforehand. According tot he website, you can obtain these from a token machine in the office foyer. But when I got there today, they told me there is no such machine. No idea why.
They said to just join the queue. However, that was a moot point because I didn't have my documents. And why should I have when the homepage states very clearly that enrollment starts on the 24th.
So I crossed town, throwing away 4,20€ and one and a half hours for nothing.
Well, at least the place is easy to find.
Right now, the plan is to show up there again next Monday or Tuesday, with all of my documents. And if they start talking about tokens, there's gonna be casualties >:O

Anyway. No point in being pissed for something wonderful arrived yesterday - stay tuned for the report =)
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