On Thursday, me and Julia were waiting for American Realism & Naturalism class to begin.
Some woman from the faculty was setting up a laptop for DVD playback. Apparently, we were going to watch some movie clips this day and since out lecturer doesn't really bother with lowly things such as projectors and cables, he had that woman do all the preparations for him.
When the woman was finished with all the setting up, she ran the video for a bit, asking us whether the sound was loud enough.
Guess what the guy in the second row replied?
That brainless, good-for-nothing piece of trash actually had the guts to shout "Could you switch it to German?"
Y'know, if I wasn't such a peaceful person, I would've jumped from my seat that very instant and strangled him. Or even worse.
I mean, HELLO?! If you expect to watch a dubbed movie, you're very much in the wrong faculty.
But then, how could you follow a movie in English when you're not even able to form two consecutive sentences without making a mistake that would embarrass any seventh-grader to their very bones?
Seems I'm expecting too much of people who are in their second year studying... what was it? ... ENGLISH!!!
But hey, who would voluntarily concern themselves with their subject outside of school? Yeah, that would be weird. Not to mention boring.
We're supposed to hate the stuff we do and avoid it the best we can. Right?
... god, these people make me so sick >_<

Save me, smartass John, save me XDDD


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