So... I did translations of the German bits in the short video interview snippets found here.
Basically, the Rays talk about some songs from the upcoming album, and since Daniel and Henjo apparently were too lazy to speak English, I had some work to do on a lazy Saturday evening ;)
Anywho... enjoy ^_^

#1 "Rise"

Daniel: Melodic double-bass speed hymn. Recording it was really exhausting. I was sweating like a pig in the studio because, apart from the small middle part, there's lots of double-bass parts. Nice song, will work very well when played live.
Henjo: I enjoy Daniel's songs a lot, I like them very much. Daniel's got this thing I like to call an Eighties faible, which means that his stuff always sounds a bit Eighties-like. But I don't just mean Eighties Metal or Had Rock but Eighties music in general, especially when it comes to the melodies.

#2 "Deadlands"

Daniel: Good mit-tempo song, groovy like fuck. With this one, we tried out a lot of things. We just weren't sure what would work best for that song, we made a lot of parts.
Daniel: In the end, the song is carried by the guitar riff, it's a very heavy riff.
Henjo: Deadlands is a classic one. The chorus reminds me a bit of Tobi. However, he asked him and he's got nothing to do with it. So, no similarities, but it could be on an Avantasia album as well.

(If you ask me, Kai and Tobi probably wrote the song together... in bed. So there, mystery solved :P)
(Love Kai's game show vision. I hope he knows he's probably giving people ideas for fics ^_~)

#3 "No need to cry"

Henjo: He certainly needed that song to come to terms with the whole thing. Very nice ballad.
Daniel: The studio session with him was very good. He was very concentrated during the whole thing. That was one of the most concentrated sessions we had because he was 100% focused on the song. It was very important to him.
Daniel: The song is very powerful, full of feeling. I mean, of course, this sad stuff is not everyone's cup of tea. I like songs which are extreme, either extremely melancholic, extremely sad or extremely aggressive. I like extremes because they're so full of emotions.


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