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( May. 28th, 2009 04:07 pm)
Gotta recount this since it's way too stupid to pass up. It's probably boring for anyone else but me so just skip it ;)
I was searching for a WinAmp input plugin that can read .tak files. I have an album in that format and since dbpoweramp can't decode .tak, I wanted to use WinAmp's disk writer output plugin to extract the audio data to .wav so I can split the CD using the .cue file and then convert the single tracks to .mp3.
Found TAK 1.0.1 which seems to be a more or less official codec pack including the WinAmp plugin I was searching for. However, 1.0.1 seems to be outdated so when I clicked on the download link, I was sent to 1.0.2 instead. From there, I jumped to 1.0.3
This actually went on and on and on until I arrvied at 1.1.1 which seems to be the most recent one.
Oh. My. God.


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