... and we're all gonna fall into a deep, black hole.
... not. At least not if I'm concerned. I've got TONS of House to watch, and I'm planning on doing the same thing I did with Max Headroom: Watching every episode twice. Some of the stuff I tend to only really get at the second time *is lame*

Anway, so we came third (Now did we flatten Portugal or did we? ^_^) and Italy is World Champion. Which is funny cuz everyone I knew rooted for France (apart from me) O_o
On Saturday, when they were handing out the medals, Angela Merkel (our chancellor) hugged Jürgen Klinsmann (our team's trainer). That was cute ^^ Call me crazy, but I really think Angela Merkel is kinda cute, in a dorky sort of way O_o
And when the fireworks went off (Who was the idiot who turned off the lights in the middle of it? XD) I got really sentimental, thinking about how this event might have showed people that Germany is NOT Nazi country and that we are, in fact, pretty friendly and nice :D
It was a great four weeks. And as some TV guys' shirt said, "After the WC is before the EC", so let's look forward to 2008's Eurpoean Championships. Wherever they are X_x

€dit: "Speciality": Rocks. OMG yeah. Best Jpop album of the year? Probably.
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( Jul. 5th, 2006 11:39 am)

Wow. I've never seen that icon before O_o

So... out of the World Cup we are. But it's OK. And we'll be playing in the "little final" as we call it and maybe we can become third :D
What's worse is that mum won the jackpot. We'd been betting on all Germany games but nobody ever managed to predict the right score. So now mum got 24€ and we're never gonna hear the end of it O_O;;;

€dit: Skirt came. Me likes <3 Now waiting for mum to get home and do her usual "Eeeee, but you're like, too fat and ugly to wear anything that's not a potato bag" bit. Good times -_- Pics? Later. Once I learn to actually leave my body to take one of me...

Edit 2: She came, didn't seem to care. Huh?
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( Jul. 4th, 2006 05:23 pm)
Too... hot... not... fun...
And mum said it's gonnna be even hotter tomorrow. Hello?! Stop this, please *melts [but not in a good way]*

Germany - Italy: Tonight!
And some big German newspaper apparently wrote some crap about pissing off the Italians by ordering pizza at 9 PM (that's when the game starts). They even added a list of phone numbers. Bastards.

Got myself registered for WLAN access at uni. Wow, they even explicitly allow us to chat and use IRC and stuff *thinks of all the bad things she coud do* >:D And I looove the maps over at ther webpage where you can check what areas have been equipped with WLAN already. Cute ^^
Our IT center is abbreviated as ZIMT (Zentrum für Informations- und Medientechnologie), but Zimt is also a real word meaning cinnamon. Haha, very funny indeed XD
I also leaned that we have a cluster of 256 CPUs called "Rubens" (cuz said painter was born in Siegen). It's made up of said CPUs (AMD Opteron), 256 GB (!) RAM and about 20 TB (Terabyte, 1 TB ~ 1000 GB) HDD space. Cool...
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( Jul. 3rd, 2006 04:11 pm)
The USB leak was not my headset, it was the camera. What a greedy little bugger indeed ;)
Now I changed some plugs, disconnected my scanner altogether cuz I hardly use it anyway, and all's well.
Okay, not quite cuz I forgot that if you connect a USB device to another controller, the driver gets re-installed, and in case of my headset it means that volume is turned to 100% by default.
Wow, now I'm sweaty AND deaf O_o

Germany flags everywhere. And it seems like it's getting worse! I even saw one on one of those electric wheelchairs and a pair of them on a forklift truck *lol*
Germany made it to the semi-finals... madness. Complete and utter madness.
Hunny and I were on the roade a few minutes after the game ended and my god, people were going crazy even in such a small-ish city like ours. But it was cool cuz everyone seemed so happy ^^
So, next game on Tuesday... against Italy O____o

And I may have a USB leak. I suspect it's my headset cuz it's the newest piece of hardware I got. So I need to switch all of the devices around and check what is causing the controller to be unable to sustain my camera with enough electricity so that it shuts down when I'm trying to use it. But I don't feel like doing that now, mainly cuz there are a few things I wanna download and Max needs to be like, turned on in order to do that ;)
... are terrible.
I'm not talking 'bout the questions, mind you, but some of the answers down there are downright stupid and IMHO, people who're THAT narrow-minded should be denied the use of the 'net. [/fuckin' long sentence(TM)]
I'll not be answering them cuz most people reading this should know what I'm involved in... more or less.

So, today...
My mum surprised me during lunch. Like, OMFG I can't BLOODY believe this!!!
We were going on about House and how Moni (my Austrian friend) seems to think Hugh's hot.
Then, the following dialogue took place (not quoted literally cuz I didn't actually write it down when it happened):
Mum: "But... he's old!"
Me: "Well, do you actually know how old he is?"
Mum: "He's 47, born in 1959."
Me: *gasp* "Are you one of those walking birthday databases?" ...(like [livejournal.com profile] rdyfrde? Okay, didn't say that, but anyway ^_~)
Mum: "His birthday is June 11, 1959"
Me: *nearly falling off chair* "How... why do you know that?"
Mum: "Thought I don't know that guy? He played in Stuart Little 1 and 2. Seen them?"
Me: *still struck dumb by the whole situation* "No..."

Mum = Hugh fan? Well, she likes Johnny Depp and people like that, so I wouldn't be too surprised. But the fact she knows his birthday... Wow. I guess, sometimes, she just rocks *jums around, squealing*

Actually, that was the second surprise from her in less than twenty-four hours. Last night, I was watching House and she came in. House said "I've been a doctor for twenty years". And she got that.
And my point is? Dunno, I just thought that was kinda cool.

Yay, Germany - Argentina in less than two hours *excited*
BTW, mum bought a new flag today.

And in a few hours, hun will be there and we'll go back to his place and it's pressie time :D
I'm feeding mum House episodes on VHS.
Okay, it's only the dub but it's not bad. It got me hooked on the series, so it can't be bad. And Dieter Klebsch (German voice actor for House) is doing a good job even though his voice is far too low and he sometimes overodes it a bit in terms of harshness. But otherwise, he's really got a lot of talent for the evil cheekiness that is House :3
Anway, today, mum quoted her fave lines from the latest episode (1x08 Poison). Success, I guess ^_^

I got an Austrian friend of mine to take a look at the series.
She said this might be the first time ever we agree on a guy. Bloody hell, that's one cool piece of news O_o
*looks forward to hearing some comments from her*

Wow, two consecutive days without soccer... I think I'm on withdrawal *twitches*

At least I got some more of that sunflower seed chocolate lying around.How would Hosue describe it?... yummy. He says that in both 1x01 and 1x02, did you notice that? Maybe the script writers agreed with everyone else. It just sounds too hot to only have him say it once :)~~~

And it's Yama's bday tomorrow, yaaaaay ^____^
*already wrapped his awesome pressie*
*can't WAIT to give it to him*
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( Jun. 27th, 2006 04:48 pm)

Egg On Wheels(TM) in World Cup stlye ;)

Sent the money for the House DVDs to [livejournal.com profile] rdyfrde. As it turns out, the whole thing costs me 37.04€. Once again - wow :D
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( Jun. 26th, 2006 07:45 pm)
I tried my new battery for the first time.
And I... timed it O_o
2:17. More or less the same than the one in Kan-chan ichi.
But a new battery needs about twenty circles before it reaches its full capacity, so that's gonna improve. And then, I used full LCD brightness, which I prolly won't do when I got Kan-chan with me while staying outside. Might time the thing running on a lower level, like 3 (of 7) or even 0. Mind you, you can still read everything prefectly even if you're running on level 0 so that's not too bad really :D

And then...
Our car now has its own flag \o/
Dad brought one home today, apparently they were selling them at a booth on the side of the street or something.
[Hugh Laurie playing House voice] Cool, huh?* [/Hugh Laurie playing House voice]
*is far too happy about this*

I maybe have something to say about the IRC thing, but there's hardly any online time left. Tomorrow...?

* Those two bloody words SO killed me ded the first time I head 'em. So did the low, raspy "I never lie" near the end of ep. 1x01. Oh, and the whole scene with him and Dr. Cameron. That thing about him hiring her cuz she must be damaged in some way was just to my taste. Felt as though David Shore knew exactly what I like in a story.
*feels loved*
*wonders whether that sounded strange*
*decides she doesn't care*
Good luck, Germany!!!


Good luck, Sweden!!!

May the best team win ^o^

€dit, 14 minutes later: Heh. At this rate, it might just be us O_o
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( Jun. 20th, 2006 07:08 pm)
... yet again.

My two faves' from the newest addition to the Lord of the Pics'(TM) ever growing stack )

Ecuador - Germany 0:3. That was one of the few good games I've seen so far. So on Saturday, we'll either be playing England or Sweden. *gulps*
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( Jun. 14th, 2006 07:05 pm)
Oookay. So I finished scanning and now I've got 30 Kai-related pics. Right now, they're 181 MB in size which means I still need to cut and resize them. I guess I'll divide them into three picspams with ten files each and they'll be uploaded here starting tomorrow. Look forward to the one I'll be posting at the veeery end. That one is indeed special, at least that's what I like to think...

Mum bought a new set of speakers cuz her old ones only stayed on if you put a toothpick into the on/off button *lol* At first, she didn't want to get a set that has a subwoofer but I persuaded her and I think she's quite happy about it. At least she went "Listen to the bass, that's awesome" all afternoon =D

[soccer talk]
So tonight's the big match, Jessy VS Lucy, er, Germany VS Poland ^_~ It's gonna be a tough one for Poland cuz if they lose this one, they're out of the cup. And if we win, we're as good as in the round of sixteen. Not that I care too much. Would've liked Japan to win against Australia, though. Even iof they can beat Croatia, they'll be completely lost against Brazil. However... Last night, Brazil beat Croatia. Didn't deserve that, IMHO. God, they were lame as hell. If I was a soccer team, I'd prolly be Brazil *rofl*
[/soccer talk]
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( Jun. 12th, 2006 05:19 pm)
found at [livejournal.com profile] madandys:

You Are Not Scary

Everyone loves you. Isn't that sweet?

So I'm not scary, yeah? The person who made the test should come over here. They'd have to recreate the whole thing afterwards >:D

Got my USB 5.1 headphone. And man, that thing is scary. When turned to full volume, you could very well use it as a speaker, and the funny thing is that after driver installation, the volume WAS turned to 100% *ouchies*
And I think I knew why the thing was so cheap. The box said nothing 'bout USB, but instead declared the thing to be a standard 3.5" jack one. Whoops O_o It scared me at first, but when I looked inside, it turned out to be the right model after all. Packaging error, huh? Well, I don't mind :D

Damn, Japan lost to Australia at 3:1 T_T But it was a good game even though the German commentator messed up at least one of the Japanese names =_=


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