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( May. 11th, 2007 12:48 pm)
It's really happening!

Germanwings are having a "200.000 summer tickets at 1 Euro each" sale right now. And so I grabbed 'em.

I'm going down there on August 8 and will be back a week later.
And what's in between? That's right! Agglutination Metal Festival in Potenza, headlined by no other than Gamma Ray. And We. Are. Going. Too. See. Them. There. Hell yeah!!!

Both tickets cost me 53.17 Euros, tax included. Awesome. That's nothing compared to last year or going by train :D
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( Mar. 28th, 2007 12:32 pm)
Mum just called me.
She told me that dad should be on a plane right now. He's going to some business thing in... Torino O_o
Damn. If only I had 1000 Euros (damn Lufthansa). Could've helped [ profile] silicondreams with the move ;)


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