AnimagiC is slowly drawing closer so I'm starting to serioulsy think about outfits.
I'm pretty sure on one of the three days I'll wear pretty much the same stuff like on March 15 (the day I saw Kai on stage). I hope his colleagues weren't TOO scared of me ^_^;;;

Speaking of the play, turns out Shinigami-sama (our LaserJet M1522nf multifunction printer) actually lets me scan via network, so here are pictures of my souvenirs:

Pretty boring, but anyway... )

Also, Kai sent my DVD today. And he said he included "a couple of surprises". Wow, SEVERAL of them? Can't wait. SRSLY. ARGH.
Does it even make sense to post a non-prank-y entry on April 1st? :P

Kai had a terribly long, hard day yesterday and, quite predictably, didn't show up today at all. But that's okay <3

BTW, he told me they'll be recording two performances of "his" play (They ahve to do two because there are two different leads alternating with playing the Pope). And guess who'll very likely be receiving copies as well? *beams until her jaw hurts*

I'm also in the process of grabbing uncut DVDs of all three "Sream" movies. Yay! I haven't watched any of them in ages, even though it's probably Kai's msot famous vocie acting role to date...
However, I'll need double-layer DVD+Rs to be able to burn them since they're uncompressed, which means about 7/8 GB per disc O_o
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( Mar. 2nd, 2009 07:12 pm)
Kai just sent me some more rehearsal pics.
Wow, he really lost a lot of weight <3
However, when I saw him with the assistants and interns, I had a really bad crying fit.
I've tried not to think about it, but for some reason, it hit me really had for the first time in months.
That could've been you, dammit.
There really is no such thing as justice in this world.

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( Feb. 26th, 2009 10:47 pm)
So, apparently, the final dress rehearsal went well. Try-out tomorrow, opening night on Saturday.
Keeping all fingers crossed for Kai and the others (but especially for Kai <3).
Incidentally, I noticed yet another thing we have in common: We're both bad when it comes to admitting we're good at something, no matter how true it is.
17 days to go...

ETA: I mentioned how all of Kai's official press pics seem to be really old. When I told him about my "new" (inherited but hardly used) huge-ass semi-professional camera, he said we might just take some new ones together. Needless to say, I died right there and then. One day, that man's gonna kill me for real ^_^;;;

Two more, sorry for huge filesize T-T )
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( Feb. 17th, 2009 10:31 am)

Can't wait to see it (26 days elft, BTW) ^_____^


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