So both Sacha Baron Cohen and Hugh Laurie won a Globe. Nice haul for my boys!

I think I converted [ profile] yamasagi to a Stephen Colbert fan. He just called and swooned about last Thursday's episode. Yay me ^_^

Today, I gave mum half a Curly Wurly. She loved it =)
And one and a half hours later, she called me (we have four telephones in the house and can make internal calls for free) and asked "Do you have anohter one of those chocolate thingies?". Well, I had one left and gave ehr half of it. Now I'm out of Curlys T_T
The last Daily Show of 2006 was without a shred of doubt the best one I've seen so far. And I've seen like, thirty of 'em? Yeah, well... O_O;;;
Jon was obviously happy about the holidays, he was smiling and laughing even more than usual. During the opening, the audience actually stood up to applaud. Woohoo!
This was the second time he did this "I look so cute when I put my index finger to my mouth and beam in a cheeky fashion" sort of thing. And it was the second time I literally felt my brain dripping outta my ears. And I swear to you, he does that on purpose! Guuuhhhh..... :)~~~~
But apart from the fangirly goodness, the show was also one of the funniest ones I've watched so far. The part about Iraq and the gerunds nearly killed me *lol*
I need to tell mum about the Ben Stiller interview. She keeps annoying me with Night at the Museum and how much she wants to see it.

Also, someone at [ profile] tds_rps suggested a Jon/Sacha Baron Cohen fic. Which is not a bad idea AT ALL. Now they only need someone to write it.
jessybxx: (Jon Stewart <3)
( Nov. 26th, 2006 03:11 am)
I do hope this file will still be up tomorrow. Y'know, what with Google having taken over YouTube and deleting all the illegal stuff...

Now this is interesting.
A few weeks ago, Borat was on a late night show in Germany. And the host of that one was COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY helpless.
Jon, on the other side... does quite a good job.
Well, that just shows who's the good host and who isn't >:D

The way Borat looks at Jon when he tells him he's a Jew... just priceless ^_^;;;
"You have had your horns removed" - "They're under my hair". That's both *lol* and *awww* ^^

Would you please excuse me now while I have said host for a very late night early morning snack :D~~~~


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