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( Sep. 4th, 2006 04:41 pm)
... does the good stuff at eBay appear when I got no TANs??
Bloody fuckin' hell!!! >:O

Anyway, this is what I ordered from the places that don't require me to send them the money:

Nuclear Blast

Lordi "Hard Rock Hallelujah" t-shirt

Because I've really gotten attached to this band. A lot.

Sonata Arctica "For the Sake of Revenge" t-shirt

If I don't have the DVD, at least I have the pretteh wolfie cover on a piece of clothing ;)

Edguy "evil jester" sticker

Dunno what I'm gonna use it on or even IF I'm ever gonna stick it somewhere, but I love the evil jester logo. So there.


Roman Dirge stuff ^_^

Something at the Window Is Scratching: Children's Tales for Disturbed Children

I've wanted this one for a long time but somehow never got round to actually buying it.

The Cat with a Really Big Head: And One Other Story That Isn't as Good

... because it's cheap. And because it's by Roman so it must be good :D

Lenore: Cooties

Third Lenore collection. I got the first and second one in digital form via the web but had some problems with this one. And since I always wanted to have a real Lenore book, getting #3 made sense.


I think that's enough spam for today. Sowwy XDDD


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