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( Jan. 25th, 2008 01:40 pm)
- For several reasons (among them psychological and financial ones), we had to downgrade the wedding. Now, it'll just be a small celebration with our parents, siblings, and the witnesses. No further guests, no invitations, no nothing. So sorry, everyone, but this is the only way. Otherwise, it'd have been a disaster in many, many ways.

- I'm also no longer a member of the Evangelical church. It cost me 30 Euros and a day of walking around wearing sneakers (Ugh XD).

- Yours truly went to the psych and got treatment options (group and single therapy). Also, I've been on Fluoxetine since yesterday. You Americans know the stuff, I think you call it Prozac. So far, it's good (Where the heck has my general fear of psych meds gone to, huh? O_O), though my stomach still needs a few days to adjust. Ow.

- We signed a marriage contract to protect the company (that, incidentally, will be [ profile] yamasagis sooner than we thought, read on to see what I mean). Loved the lawyer. So cute, but soooo gay :D

- [ profile] yamasagi's dad is planning to retire to Austria some time between this year and 2010. We'll apparently get the house. And I'll get hired as the company secretary and, possibly, software consultant. OMG times two.

- Listened to "The Scarecrow" and it's unbelievable, stellar, divine. Better than anything I've known before. Next week, I'll take pictures of the tin box's inside and scan the cards that came with it :D
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( Jan. 22nd, 2008 04:28 pm)
Right, so, it's...

... t minus four days until the first episode of Doctor Who (dub) will start airing. Dammit, I'm already having nervous breakdowns *flails* I wonder what Kai #2 himself thinks about it...

... t minus three days until the release of the new Avantasia album. Of course, knowing Nuclear Blast, I won't be getting it before next week, but anyway.

... and t minus one day until my psych appointment. Right now, I'm much more worried about getting there and finding the place than I ever was about the thing itself. Uh... yay? O_O


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