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( Jul. 31st, 2007 11:52 pm)
Hi thar, 'tis me, writing from Kan-chan. I decided to power him up again after what sems like half an eternity. Thought I'd check and update whatever needs to be updated, to get him somewhat prepared for next week ^^

So, what's up around here? Not too much, I'm afraid.
[ profile] yamasagi started his two weeks of holiday so we're mainly doing fun things together, like shopping, watching movies and playing games. I'm far into the three-digit hours on Pokémon FireRed because I'm trying to get all of my critters past level 50 before going any further ("further" meaning entering - and beating - the Pokémon mansion). Also, Diamond and Pearl seem to be breaking all sales records in Germany which is nice ^^
Speakinhg of games, we got "The Darkness". We ordererd the Austrian version, which only differs from the German one in the fact that it's not been censored into unplayability >:| Of course, the game rocks, it's creepy and violent and just all around awesome ^^ The scariest thing about it, at least considering the technicalities, is the fact that in the subway station, there's a TV on which you can actually flick the channels. But that's not all, since it's not just some random clips playing on it. You can actually watch several full movies and series on there. I swear I'm not kidding! I had to look it up or I wouldn't have believed it myself, but it's true. Well, that's Blu-Ray fer ya ;)
Speaking of Blu-Ray, we watched our first Blu-Ray movie today - "xXx" (the first one). I had missed all the chances to see it which was probably good, because this way, it was totally new to me-. Good action film, and I can't help it - I like Vin Diesel. Yeah, feel free to start making jokes now, I prolly deserve it ^_~
Anyway, the picture was brilliant, and we couldn't see any of the horizontal slowdowns we heard are to be expected with BDs. So either our eyes are too bad or those people are stupid. Dunno.
Apart from all that, we went to IKEA and bought a shoe rack. It's a LOGGA and cost 10 Euros which was damn cheap. Gotta say that [ profile] yamasagi didn't really like IKEA before, but I think the bargain we made might have loosened his opinion just a little bit. I, on the other ahdn,m love them to bits, and always have =)

Meh. That thing about my mum is bugging me to no end. It's putting a dent in everything I do, see, read or hear. Which is not good. However, I'm not sure whether the actual solution might not be far worse than the problem itself...
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( Jul. 28th, 2007 01:25 pm)
Yesterday, Pokémon Diamond and Pearl were released in Germany.
And already, they're both on top of the sales charts ^_^
Pokémon Green was one of the first two Pokémon games ever released.
Since it never came out in any other language, there have been some fan-made translations of it. Here's a short movie using one of them.

Failed translation episode 1 - Pokémon Green
OMG *lol*
"I'm shouting! Wait a movement!"
That's just one step away from "All your base are belong to us". I love this stuff. It's priceless ^^

That reminds me. I actually played Green on an emulator once. However, I think it was a better translation. But the "old" Pokémon are really ugly, if you ask me. Bulbasaur looks just stupid. I don't even wanna know how Pikchu looks in this version O_o

(BTW - See the graphics? Looks a bit different to the Western versions, huh? The visuals were re-done for the Japanese version of Blue and ultimately adopted for both the Western version of Red and Blue. Also, those two sold pretty badly. Game Freak [the developers] nearly went bankrupt. Woah. Look here for a bit of info and box art!)

I wonder what's wrong with someone who misreads "pray" as "prey" O_O


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