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( Mar. 26th, 2009 09:43 pm)
Yesterday, I had a loooong phonecall with mum.
Apparently, she bought an electric guitar and is now doing jam sessions with bro (drums).
That thought alone nearly killed me *lol*

Apart from that, I'm triibly, terribly hooked on Mahou Sentai Magiranger. Damn you tokusatsu series for being so well-made ^_^;;;

Off to write Kai an email. Today's perfomrnace should just be about finished now.
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( Jun. 30th, 2008 11:16 pm)
They changed the recording schedule of the dub I was supposed to watch. Away from the time of my Munich trip. Crap crap crappity crap.
Well, at least I had an excuse to call Soulbrother :x
Of course, he apologized over and over. And of course, it's not his fault. It's really not.

So, new date of my Muich trip: August 6 to August 8.

I already rebooked my flight. Cost me a whooping 73 Euros *cries. Hard.*
Advice from yours truly: If you fly Germanwings, never ever try changing the date. Don't even think about it. Apparently, it's how they make most of their money :|

Anyway. Needless to say, the room I wanted is occupied on that date. Ah, the luck I have... :|
But I'm working on it...

At least Kai told me I don't have to worry about buying food while I'm down there. What a sweetie... <3
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( Apr. 17th, 2008 08:34 pm)
I just bought twelve months of Paid Account and Extra Userpics.
Yeah, I know. So wrong. But I just missed all the VIP stuff so much ;_;

Also, I'm back. Um... hi :D

Actually, I've got TONS of news, but I'll put off spamming you all until tomorrow. Look forward to it... or not ^^

Totally unrelated, but anyway.
I've been watching speedruns all day (from here, if you're interested at all). One of them was of the orginal "The Legend of Zelda" on the NES. I've beaten it on the original console but back then, I didn't know about this so I couldn't have noticed.
When the credits came up I noticed that KONDO Koji, the music composer (that's the guy who created the famous Hyrule overworld theme and all the other amazing Zelda tunes) is credited as KONCHAN.
Awww :3

... god, I'm such a nerd. And the fact that I just spent two days converting a bunch of NES and SNES soundtracks to put them onto my iPod doesn't make it any better ^^;;;

Finally... damn, it's good to be back *huggles everyone*
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( Mar. 12th, 2008 09:41 am)
I don't believe this.

(Screen shot from

That's correct. We have a leak.
Someone acquired the DVDs of the first season (don't ask me how, maybe KSM accidentally delivered some of them despite the postponement) and posted all the dubbed episodes on BT.
How the hell are we supposed to get people to watch it on TV now?!

... wow, I honestly thought this week couldn't possibly get any worse. Ha ha frickin' ha.
And don't even ask about the huge thunderstorm that will apparently be hitting the city in about an hour. There's no way our satellite dish is gonna stay on the roof this time T_T
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( Jan. 22nd, 2008 04:28 pm)
Right, so, it's...

... t minus four days until the first episode of Doctor Who (dub) will start airing. Dammit, I'm already having nervous breakdowns *flails* I wonder what Kai #2 himself thinks about it...

... t minus three days until the release of the new Avantasia album. Of course, knowing Nuclear Blast, I won't be getting it before next week, but anyway.

... and t minus one day until my psych appointment. Right now, I'm much more worried about getting there and finding the place than I ever was about the thing itself. Uh... yay? O_O
After the report, it's my turn. Here we go, have some goodies!

Seven pics. most of them rather bad )

I even managed to record a little video. Here it is!

Second half of "Heavy Metal Universe", including the sing-along part and Kai jumping off the drum kit platform. Sorry, I know, the sound is really bad, but my little N73 couldn't handle the volume. But I like the picture, considering it's just a cellphone.

Also, some not-quite-so-good DVD news:
Last weekend Kai and Dirk had a meeting during a concert day with SPV Records and agreed that the DVD will finally released in autumn this year.

Today the show in Barcelona will be filmed and the DVD will now be released as a triple DVD set. The content of the first two discs is already fixed since several months (Montreal Show plus bonus footage like road movie, acoustic tracks and video clips etc.). The third disc will contain many songs from the Barcelona show and probably some more bonus backstage footage from the actual tour. It will depend on the quality of the material which will be filmed today if the show will be completely released on DVD or only a part of it.

More official information will be announced soon in our news.


Okay, I like triple DVD sets. But autumn? AUTUMN? Hello?!
How long have we been waiting for this thing? Since 2006? 2005? I forgot. Because the waiting HURTS >:|
And "autumn this year" still isn't a definitive release date, so who knows what might happen in between?
Dammit.... *mumbles*

Finally, the Agglutination DVD is out! And guess who the two people on this picture are? It's even featured on the web site's front page O_O
[ profile] silicondreams is getting the DVD for us cuz I have no idea how it works. Scaaary Italian site ;)
Can't wait to show it to all the people I know, going "See, that's us! We were really there! Look, now they're at it again! They're so doing...".
Er... Yeah ^_^;;;
It'll be cool to experience all the awesome moments again... and maybe even laugh about the bad ones, safely snuggled on the couch instead of squashed against... okay, okay, I'm not describing that again *shudders*
Anyway, yay DVD ^_____^
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( Nov. 2nd, 2007 08:24 pm)
Yours truly caught a nice, annoying flu *sneezes* *blows nose*
There is, however, one definitive upside to that: [ profile] yamasagi insisted on preparing me a hot bath <3
A new interview with Tobi has just been added to the Avantasia web site.
I still can't quite find the right words to express how happy his words made me once again.
All that gushing and raving about how beautiful the new material is, and how he doesn't care if people think releasing two EPs is crazy as long as people get great stuff for their money... that's our Tobi alright, and I'm ready to punch anyone in the face who says he's changing just because he's wearing black eyeliner on the promo pics.

... and now over-emotional lil' me's gotta go blow her nose ^_^;;;
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( Sep. 25th, 2007 02:04 pm)
I can't believe I managed to miss this.
From the official site and forum, respectively:
Due to the acquisition of the Sanctuary Group by the Universal Group Gamma Ray have ended their contract with Sanctuary and signed a new contract with SPV Records in Hannover, Germany.

The new album “Land Of The Free Part II” will be released on November 16 2007 by SPV. The CD is completely recorded and actually Tommy Hansen works on the final mix in his Area 51 studio. Last week the band made a photoshooting at the Zeppelinfeld in Nuremberg and also finished the work on the album cover.

I'm nearly crying right now. I really am.

This seems to be the tracklist, but apparently, the order of the songs isn't final:
1. Rising Again 0:28
2. To Mother Earth 5:09
3. Empress 6:22
4. Rain 5:20
5. Into the Storm 3:45
6. When the World 5:43
7. From the Ashes 5:30
8. Leaving Hell 4:20
9. Real World 5:44
10. Hear Me Calling 6:45
11. Opportunity 7:15
12. Insurrection 11:30

The CD has a total running time of about 65 minutes which is plenty of stuff for our moolah, I guess XD
Hell, this fall is gonna be great ^___^


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