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( Oct. 1st, 2007 03:58 pm)
- Today, I spent six and a half hours manually adding 401 blog entries to my soon-to-be new German blog. I had deleted them by accident some time ago. Now, the blog holds all my entries since September 2003 =)

- I tried out LJ's new customizing area. I hate to say it, but it's lovely. And while I was at it, I applied a new layout to my dear, old ElJay. Click here to see it. Black and simple, I guess ^_^;;; However, I still need to redo my user info and have a look at layouts for the other journals (JF, IJ, GF). Oh my.

- These days, Tenchi tends to come out of the litterbox with litter sticking to his butt.
And when I hold him to wipe it off, he tries to snap at me. That'ss so adorable, my angry longcat, with his little white pointy baby teeth <3
I'm sure Tenchi keeps thinking "That's no fair, mummy! Can't you at least act like you're scared instead of going 'Awwww'? every bloody time?"
Uh... no. Because you're just too cute *snuggles black fluffy panther*

- I've been listening to Nightwish's new album since last week and I seriously think it's their best one so far. Now I have another reason to believe firing Tarja was the best thing they could do ;) And I really hope that people will get past all the "Anette is not Tarja" (Of course she isn't, and that's great!) and "Nightwish will never be the same again" (Again, that's new a good thing, too) and start recognizing "Dark Passion Play" for what it is - a brilliant Metal album that expands Nightwish's sound into several directions while still maintaining - and improving - a lot of familiar elements.


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