For those who haven't done so yet, it'd be good to read my report of the first "Nightwash" show first. It can be found here!

So, you wanna know if it was as good as last year? And you wanna know if I managed to get Knacki's autograph? Well, well, just read on and you'll find out ^_^

Full report - beware, long! )

Okay, that was my story, hope you liked ^_^
jessybxx: (Tobi - Tenshi (pic from Eurobeat Prime ^)
( Aug. 31st, 2005 05:28 pm)

Why the hell can't you find ANYTHING like this at eBay Germany?

This just isn't fair!!!

I'm off to watch that "Nightwash" special that just finished DLing. Yay =)
jessybxx: (Tobi - Dance of doom o(^__^)o)
( Aug. 22nd, 2005 07:54 pm)
That's the title of the upcoming new Edguy album. At least, if you believe a certain someone on their forum.
But then, he said that a friend of his read that in Savage Union's newsletter O_O
Still, I won't believe it before I actually heard Tobi say it, period. End of discussion.
Okay, he DID mention that title on some concert in the US, but my assumption would still be that he was only joking. "Maserati Madness", anyone?
And if it's true...
... I guess we'll have to cope with the fact that he's finally losing his mind completely *lol*

PS: Would it look a lot like kissing ass if I showed up to that Nightwash live show wearing my Nightwash shirt? OMG, I SO wanna have the same exact seat again, the one where I could've looked KJ in the eye ^_^;;;
Yes, we do:
Saturday, October 22, 2005
Nightwash on Tour Part 2

Going will be me, hunny, mum, dad, bro, and probably even my aunt (mum's sister) and her husband.
If the cast list they have (Vera Decker, John Doyle, Marius Jung, Sascha Korf) is correct, this one might eventurn out to be better than the first one O_O Well, it seems to be correct, for the official Nightwash site states the same cast. OMG, how cool ^^
And this time, I'll get a bloody autograph from teh sexiest comedian alive(TM)! I'll just have a few beers beforehand and all will be cool. Or not. Guess I'll really need to gather some courage from where there is none XD
Jessy, you bloody KJ fangirl *g* I wonder whether he knows that he actually HAS one like me ^_^;;; BTW, there's a great new (or maybe I just didn't take notice of it until now?) pic of him here. Awww =)
Actually, considering the other guys I like (TS, TK), he should be SO NOT my type. But if you've ever heard him doing stand-up or singing, you probably KNOW what's so special about him ^_^
On the site I linked, they say that he gradually turned from a host who just announces stuff to a real stand-up comeidan, and it seems like everyone (the press etc.) really LOVE him. Good to hear *thumbs up* I mean, he really dominated the first show (I hope everyone read my report back then), so he bloody deserves all the praise he gets!
Okay, mum just ordered five tickets. We'll have to wait for their mail to see if we'll really get them, but as the show has only been announced today, I guess it's more or less certain that I'll get to see Knacki live once more. OMG, yaaaayyyyy *jumps around excitedly*

Wow, there's been far too many good pieces of news lately. Year 2005, so far, I have to say, you rock ^_~

€dit: If you download and have a look at the full-size pic, you'll probably notice the colour of his eyes. It's really hard to tell if you only see him on TV, but they're a really deep, stunning blue. Unusual, but really handsome. Or so Jessy says, for she's weird XD

And another €dit: I just read that KJ is planning his own solo stand-up show to start in 2006. Wow, that's amazing, and it does make sense. Heh, he'll SO show it to those wannabe-rockstar-types I hate with passion (Mittermeier and others). I mean, KJ is a real entertainer, and most of those other guys just depend on one scheme/concept/talent. He's, on the other hand, got a whole host of them. Some time ago, I saw him tap dance on a small table, using rollerskates. THAT was so impressing O_O

God, I'm biased, I know. But that's what I'm all about, I'm, afraid ^_^;;;


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