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( Sep. 12th, 2007 10:37 am)
Did I say that price was unrealistic? Well, I take it back ^_^

This is the first time I really saved some serious money using that best offer function. Usually, the sellers send back return offers that are only like, 30 cents below the BIN price. To me, that renders the whole thing utterly useless.
Ah well. Paid last night and now I hope he'll arrive before the weekend. Wanna cuddle my Jack =)

Hehe. I just had a look at that Spears woman's so-called performance at that awards show.
Well, I suppose it could be filed under comedy.
Too bad they didn't show more of the audience trying to keep straight faces XDD

I think "Summer night breezer", along with maybe ""Shadow over the world is the only decent song on access' new album apart from "Hitomi no tsubasa", which doesn't count cuz it'd been a single before "Binary engine" (the album) came out. Geez. whats up with ASAKURA these days?
Too bad. But then, there's still Granrodeo's "Ride on the Edge" if I want a really good Jpop/Jrock CD. That band is just amazing, period.
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( Sep. 10th, 2007 09:12 am)
[ profile] yamasagis PS2 auction ended last night at 7. The final price was an astounding 351,99€, which even surprised me who had been very much optimistic about the whole thing. However, [ profile] yamasagi was utterly taken aback. He'd told me he'd be happy with getting 140 Euros when the price was at that level the day before. Well, I thought it'd be about 200 Euros, maybe a bit more. But 350? Madness.

Our phone started ringing mere seconds after the auction had ended. Of course, it was mum who had watched the thing happen, the sneaky thing *lol*
However, like always, she didn't miss her chance of diminishing our feelings of victory. "Selling off your entire household now, are you?", that's what she said. Yeah, sure. Because game systems and games we don't play are totally vital items of survival. Gee... =_=

Also, my auction is live now. See it here. I got the first watcher within the first three minutes, there's three of 'em right now, but no bids so far. Still, looking good. And hey, I got the better games, so hopefully, people will be drawn to that rather than my old-ish console XD

We also re-added some of the cables. Check here to take a look at 'em.

On the "buying" side, I'm waiting for answers concerning two Nightmare before Christmas-related thingies. I sued the "best offer" option on both of them but heven't heard back from the sellers yet.
The first one is just a small set of buttons. The other one is this.
Huge (18" / 46 cm!), new, sealed plushy Jack Skellington. OMG look at him! He. Is. So. Adorable. WANT.
I offered 20 Euros, which is not exactly realistic, but I hope she'll offer to lower the initial price by two Euros or something. Pls?
Actually, I'll take him, no matter what the suggested price will be. He usually goes for more, so it's still a bargain.

I also found this guy selling Doctor Who buttons with free international shipping.
Yeah, I know, I swore I'd never use PayPal again (BTW, that is the real reason for wanting to get a credit card - avoiding the big bad PP). But... eh. Gotta think about it.
So I knocked myself out with Tim Burton movies yesterday. First, I re-watched "Corpse Bride", and then I saw its predecessor (not really, but y'know) for the first time in about ten years.

I gotta say I remembered quite a lot from back when I watched the movie in German.
But now I'm starting to despise the dub, especially because Sally was apparenty voiced by Nina Hagen. Holy... I mean... What were they thinking? Casting a loud, stupid, crazy (in the bad way), deluded and obnoxious hag like her (Can you tell how I don't really like her? XDD) to play such a sweet character? And I'm sure they've redone the choir bits with like, four people. Because it's cheaper. Ugh. Ths country's entertainment industry is rotten to the core, with only a few notable exceptions.

Anyway. Nightmare.
It combines two of my favourite things - Gothic/horror stuff and Christmas.
Needless to say, I'd love it even if it wasn't such a wonderful, artsy movie that leaves a huge impact as only very few other film can ^_~

But my favourite aspect of the thing remains...
Danny Elfman. What a singer... what a voice *swoons*
He was great as Bonejangles in "Corpse Bride" and he's an awesome composer. But doing all that marvelous singing for Jack just killed me. Ded.
<3 <3 <3

[ profile] yamasagi hasn't seen it yet. Might force him to when it's the season. Though, by then, I'm sure I'll know it word by word ;) Also, I'm worried about the musical aspects. There were only four songs in "Corpse Bride", but here, most dialoge is sung. And I have a certain suspicion that he won't like that all that much O_o

I want a new purse. The old one is boring and butt-ugly. Most purses are leather (bleh), plastic (no way) or some fabric. However, I'd prefer soemthing unusual. What about this? Yep, it's plush ^_^


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