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( Aug. 9th, 2009 08:19 pm)
I just had to open two conflicht solution procedures on PayPal.
Both my bento box and my pair of lolita shoes didn't arrive even though I ordered them about five weeks ago.
Let's see what their famous buyer protection can actually do.
At this moment, I'd rather get my money back than have the stuf re-sent because I have a trip coming up and the weekend when I'd have needed the shoes is over anyway.
Meh :|
Apparently, mobilcom has some secret phone plans only available to standing customers. Woohoo~
Look at that, so we're not entirely fucked compared to new customers. Only, y'know, almost :P
When I selected my new phone last night, they practically forced me to change my plan as well because the one I was using since 2007 isn't available any more. Unfortunately, st00pid me misread some fine print and switched to one that's just as bad as the one before, meaning I have to pay extra for every text message I send. Ugh.
However, when I checked the customer login pages today, there was a whole bunch of plans I'd never seen before. For some reason, they'd been hiding from me. But since the system still allowed me to switch plans again, I checked three others and selected one that basically makes me pay 13 Euros (about $18) a month which I can use up using both text messages and calls. Ah, that's much, much better. I just hope they'll actually switch me over to that next month or I'll have to yell at them yet again ;)

Now, I just wished the Twitter text thingy would work T-T

BTW, I'm working on a "Cellphone history" page for my German blog, showing all the phones I ever owned. Why? Because I can XDDDD

I also just installed xampp, so I might set up a local WordPress blog and work on a new layout...
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( Dec. 9th, 2008 07:57 pm)
Just ordered presents for [ profile] silicondreams, Soulbrother and [ profile] yamasagi.
Wow, I'm being decidedly uncreative this year. So much obvious stuff *lol* But at least I'm sure they'll all like what they get ;)
After this, there'll be about three Euros left on my bank account cuz one of the eBay people is refusing to pay T_T
However, [ profile] yamasagi's pressie will get me a 5€ amazon gift card. I think I'll use it to get a nice 2009 calendar ^^
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( Oct. 22nd, 2008 11:46 pm)
I had to cancel my order of the Gamma Ray DVD for now.
My money situation is just so unstable at the moment. And I don't wanna take the risk of running out of cash in the middle of my Munich trip.
So, it was (limited) Tinnitus Sanctus or this. And since the 'Ray DVD will be available afterwards as well (and I can get it a bit cheaper on, I decided to postpone it. For now.
Of course, the very minute I know I can safely afford it, I'll order it again. Heck, I won't be missing out on this!
So, [ profile] rdyfrde, you're not the only one having to wait for the thing.
Also, [ profile] silicondreams - no spoliers PLZ *lol*

Ah, priorities. Sometimes, they're a bloody pain in the rear...
Pokémon FireRed (GBA) + game guide - 6.50€
Pokémon Emerald (GBA) + game guide - 7.02€
Pokémon Pearl (DS) - 8.50€

Deducting eBay fees, that's a final gain of 20,26€ (about $29). Could've been much worse.
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( Sep. 13th, 2007 10:38 pm)

I hate me.

Well, at least it's not an ear pod. [/stupid Doctor Who reference]
But the price is just too good. It's Archos kinda good, actually. 80 GB for less than 250 bucks, that's almost incredible. ;_;
Also, I read they improved the outer shell so the things don't get scratched that easily.
This also means I'll have to sell Three.
Him and the moolah from my PS2 will very likely compensate for the iPod.
I'm kinda happy now.
Tomorrow, I'll hopefully be able to take a look at one of them in the store. Haven't seen the new iPods yet, apart from pics and videos on the 'net. Can't wait to touch one and go "A friend of yours is gonna be mine soon". Yea, I'm hopeless =)

BTW, I don't have him yet but he's already got a name. It's not the one I mentioned a few weeks ago. I found a better one. You'll see once I get him.

... oh.
I just noticed that I have no idea how to use iTunes *lol*
Well, maybe it's not so bad that I'll have to wait almost a fortnight to get the guy. Plenty of time to practice XD
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( Sep. 10th, 2007 09:12 am)
[ profile] yamasagis PS2 auction ended last night at 7. The final price was an astounding 351,99€, which even surprised me who had been very much optimistic about the whole thing. However, [ profile] yamasagi was utterly taken aback. He'd told me he'd be happy with getting 140 Euros when the price was at that level the day before. Well, I thought it'd be about 200 Euros, maybe a bit more. But 350? Madness.

Our phone started ringing mere seconds after the auction had ended. Of course, it was mum who had watched the thing happen, the sneaky thing *lol*
However, like always, she didn't miss her chance of diminishing our feelings of victory. "Selling off your entire household now, are you?", that's what she said. Yeah, sure. Because game systems and games we don't play are totally vital items of survival. Gee... =_=

Also, my auction is live now. See it here. I got the first watcher within the first three minutes, there's three of 'em right now, but no bids so far. Still, looking good. And hey, I got the better games, so hopefully, people will be drawn to that rather than my old-ish console XD

We also re-added some of the cables. Check here to take a look at 'em.

On the "buying" side, I'm waiting for answers concerning two Nightmare before Christmas-related thingies. I sued the "best offer" option on both of them but heven't heard back from the sellers yet.
The first one is just a small set of buttons. The other one is this.
Huge (18" / 46 cm!), new, sealed plushy Jack Skellington. OMG look at him! He. Is. So. Adorable. WANT.
I offered 20 Euros, which is not exactly realistic, but I hope she'll offer to lower the initial price by two Euros or something. Pls?
Actually, I'll take him, no matter what the suggested price will be. He usually goes for more, so it's still a bargain.

I also found this guy selling Doctor Who buttons with free international shipping.
Yeah, I know, I swore I'd never use PayPal again (BTW, that is the real reason for wanting to get a credit card - avoiding the big bad PP). But... eh. Gotta think about it.
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( Aug. 16th, 2007 10:01 pm)
Still rather tired. God, I'm such an old wreck ;)

One exciting piece of news is the fact that everyone in the company [ profile] yamasagi works for got a 250 Euro payrise. Except for him. Which is a good thing because...
... wait for it..
His boss (= his dad) gave him free access to the bank account they use to buy tech and he can get stuff for 250 Euros each month
Of course, that stuff is supposed to be used for work only, but y'know, you can always bend rules XD
Yes, we've officially manifested our geek status until the end of time ;)
And I suppose there'll be a second 250 GB HDD in it for me later this year. Yay, no more booting from DVD because of the IDE disk that messes up the mainboard's startup process ^_^

Mum called me today. They'll be here at approx. 11:30 on Saturday and we'll be having lunch at the same nice restaurant as in March. Whee, plenty of time to recite [ profile] silicondreamss and my adventure into their bewildered faces *lol*

Also, there's a second season of "Who wants to be a Superhero?" airing right now. Yes, yes, frinkin' yes!!! When [ profile] yamasagi told be about it on the way from the station home, I screamed. Casting shows usually bore me to death, but this one is an exception. The first season was exceptional and very touching, and I expect nothing less from the new one. Plus, who could resist Stan Lee? He's such a lovable guy ^_^

BTW: Duisburg is now officially a gangster town. Six people were shot at the station two nights ago. Seems to be an Italian mafia war going on and it has actually expanded to good old Germany. What the hell?!
We're so ridiculously out of food, I actually dreamt of supermarkets last night O_o
If we had a paper shopping list instead of an electronic one (updated via Outlook on [ profile] yamasagi's computer and then saved to his cellphone), I'd grab a red pen and scribble "Everything" on top of it XD
The thing we have the most quantity of in our fridge right now is probably half-liter bottles of Pepsi Max.
I wonder what that says about us? Nah, I don't think I wanna know.
- Reading real good fic, namely "The Glass Prison" by [ profile] rdyfrde and the first two chapters of [ profile] silicondreamss Biffno story ^_^
- New TDS/TCR (Finally! Withdrawal was starting to get real bad *twitches*)!
- Fended off a woman from the company with which I have my cellphone subscription. No, I don't want a second SIM card I have no use for and that'll only generate more costs, thankyouvermuch. And it doesn't help that you tried to disguise it as a gift for renewing my subscription whilke your website clearly states that everone can get one of those for free whenever they want =_=
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( Jul. 13th, 2007 01:51 pm)
Sonata Arctica (Cologne, November 7): 22.75€
Nightwish (Oberhausen, December 29): 42.85€

What?! Is Tuomas trying to bloody buy Finland? Call me greedy, but that's a bit much, no? O_O
I'd rather wait for Edguy's next tour. Or check who else is planning on traveling the country.
Annette is so dead cute, I love her voice and would really like to go to one oif their gigs. But at this price? No wai.

Ah, well. I have three events planned for the next half year, whichi is waaay more than what I usually do.
Lesse, there's...

August 11 - Gamma Ray (Agglutination Festival, Potenza, Italy) (with [ profile] silicondreams ^__^)
November 7 - Sonata Arctica (Live Music Hall, Cologne) (with me, meself and I *lol*)
January 13 - Helloween/Gamma Ray/Axxis/someone else (Turbinenhalle, Oberhausen) (with [ profile] silicondreams again - Yep, she's coming here ^____^)

Another cool thing is that from October on, for me, all of public transport in the Ruhr area will be free. Yay for students' ticket >:D
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( Jul. 9th, 2007 05:31 pm)
The PS3 is here and [ profile] yamasagi is out to buy our fist game ("Motor Storm").
Without me.
Aw, but why is that, you ask?
Because yours truly was hit by an alarming fit of the runs like, five minutes before we were planning to leave.
Yahoo. Not.
So, I've been left here to turn on the dishwasher, clean the table and wait for my man to return with said game and two helpings of kebap (which are on me since Yama's life doesn't seem to include money that's not on his credit card ^_~).
Well, I still shan't complain and instead, am about to take a long, relaxing shower, enjoying my new fruity shampoo <3
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( Jul. 6th, 2007 01:06 pm)
I ordered one O_o
Look at the snake pattern! Isn't that kinda perfect for a Slytherin? =)
And it's a real one, too. Not some plastic thingy. Might come in handy at some point *wink wink nudge nudge*
Well, with that and my scarf, my Slytherin costume seems to be complete. Or at least as complete as it can get, considering my nearly complete lack of monetary surplus.
I have a hat, too.
Now let's hope the weather forecast people are right and it won't be searingly hot on the 20th. My costume isn't exactly airy *stares at thick, black voat, starting tot hink this whole thing might be even crazier than it seemed in the beginning* XDD
Anyway. "Deathly Hallows" midnight release, here I come!!
I have this pollen allergy (I guess it's that since it sorta fits the season). It's been there since about 2000/01 and it's always succumbed to the usual pills.
That is, until this year. I noticed I was even more short-winded than usual and a few days ago, I had the first real coughing fits, complete with breathing problems'n'all. Looked like what had started as a rather harmless hay fever was on its way of turning into an all-out asthma. Or maybe it already has, I dunno.
Yesterday evening, I finally decided to go see a doc first thing next morning.

Then, a few hours alter...

... it REALLY went to heck... )

(Sorry for any typos, I'm not quite in a state to really process any orthography. Will correct later.)

ETA: They sent me back home. Too full. Am supposed to come back around 11:15-ish. §&$%&&§=7$&%2XX!!
Y'know, this is really starting to go way past my level of tolerance. I want to sleep but I can't because I can't breathe. And if the doc sends me to a specialist, I have no idea how to get there in my 30-minutes-of-sleep-but-somehow-still-able-to-walk-and-talk state without getting lost or robbed or whatever.
[ profile] yamasagi said "Call me and I'll see whether I can drive yout here" but the tone in his voice made it clear that chances on him getting out of work aren't exactly top-notch. Also, he'll be gone until at least 8 PM since after work, he promised to help a friend of his with some electronics stuff in his house.
I feel all alone. I wanna curl up in a ball and die.


Or maybe, I'll first listen to "Inori" which is finally here.
I finally managed to pull myself together and looked up public transport infos to get to the CPE exams (written: 14 [Thursday], oral: 22 [Friday next week]).
What idiot decided to hold them at the adult education center in Dortmund? Rumour first had it that they were supposed to be at the one in Düsseldorf, but nooo...
Getting there is gonna cost me 20 Euros. Per day. Not to mention I'll have to get up at like, six AM on Thursday. OMFG.
But Julia was cute when telling me that "The center in Düsseldorf is right next to the station". Uh... most of them are ;)

The letter stating the place and time(s) of the exams starts with "We'd like to invite you to the exam..." O_o Invite? Well, I hope they have the red carpet and champagne ready XD
There's also this sheet called "Notice to candidates", telling you stuff you're allowed to do ("drink plain, still water only from a plastic bottle with a secure lid" - What, are they afraid of bombigns?) during the exam and anything that's forbidden. Like, cheating. Woah, big news there. Anyway. Of course, the thing is in English and one of the first sentences on it is "If there is anything you do not understand, ask your teacher or the examination supervisor.". Or don't even try talking the exam, is what I say XD
Another sheet also states the sames of the candidates for the oral exam. You take it in pairs and apparently, I've been teamed up with a woman whose name looks like she's from an Eastern Eurpoean country. Which is nice since people from those countries are usually friendly people and have lovely accents ^^ (What's that, backwards racism? X_x)

And no, I'm still not scared. The different types of exams and exercises are all fun and challenging and the overall feel kinda compares to playing Sudoku... if I palyed Sudoku ^_~
So I'll try approaching the whole thing as calmly as possible because I know I'm not totally hopeless =)

ETA: What? I just read that to achieve a grade A, you need 80% and above? I thought that eprcentage was much higher O_o
... because I felt it was appropiate.

Tip of the Hat to:

... Media Markt (chain of electronics stores) for putting up sooo many cellphones for everone to try. That way, I could hold a N73 in my hand. It's cute =)

... Mobilcom. Just when I was sure they don't wanna talk to me at all (and let's face it, they do look like the type of company to act like that) they sent me an email. More about that later.

... mum for giving me full control over about half of the money gran saved for me. 4200 Euros on a separate bank account. Woohoo~! And no, I'm not planning on spending it on useless crap. Also, I'm planning on using that account to actually save money.

... my new patchouli perfume for smellin' frickin' awesome ^___^

Wag of the Finger to:

... mum, again. This time for putting a shitload of pressure on me concerning stuff I have no control over. University applications aren't open yet, goddammt!

... our neighbours for doing bloody home improvement and scaring the cats with their loud banging and hammering. Way to go, fuckheads >:|
A day late, but they finally managed to delete my old bank account and transfer my moolah to the new one. I've always wanted to switch to that particular bank, not only because [ profile] yamasagi uses it, but also because it's a three-minute walk away and there are terminals virtually everywhere (Which is more than what you could say about my old bank =_=). Anyway, done that, too. Nice :D
Now I only need to change my account information with all the online shops I use (OMG X_x) and - most importantly - get the thing added to my PayPal.

So, uh... anyone else has a Twitter account?
Probably not.
Well, I do. So there :P

I don't think I'll be able to resist sending Twitter invitations to everyone. Geez ^_^;;;


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