From the newest Blast! magazine (screencapped from the digital, downloadable version, the analogue one should hopefully arrive in the mail some time next week. Lazy bastards :P):

And here I thought I was over it. Well, apparently not *weeps*


They're releasing two DVDs containing stuff from the Bang your Head festivals. One of those has footage from 2005, including at least part of Gamma Ray's appearance. Uh... sounds good? Might be getting that (trans.: OMFG any recent DVD with Kai on it is better than nothing, that thing will be mine, ahahaha XD). And now that I have a fast comp to rip it, I might just as well do a copuple of great people yet ANOTHER favour. Now how does that sound? Too bad the release date is either the 22nd or the 23rd of June (sources somehow differ on that). Now, the waiting. . .

Meanwhile, I have three episodes of Max Headroom to watch. Wow ♥
Remember my saying about every stream being downloadable onw way or the other?
But what about Youtube and the like? They're different, right?
Yes, they are, but there's at least one solution to that problem as well.
This is the one I'm using.

It's an extension for Mozilla Firefox. If you're not using that already... Well, for one, you're not cool AT ALL. And for another, you won't be able to use this neat, little tool.
Once you've opened a video in your browser, simply click the small icon in the lower right corner of your Firefox window, right-click the "Download Link" icon and choose "Save Link As...". Now paste that URL into your download manager and download away!

To play the resulting .flv files, those clever people who are already using VLC won't need anything else. Lucky you :P For the others (like, me), FLV player works just fine.

I used this method to download the two short clips of Max Headroom at David Letterman. OMG, so funny =)

... huh? Since when is "mokushiroku" (that's the Japanese word for apocalypse - Cool, eh? XD) written as "mokujiroku"? That should be a completely different word. Er... excuse me while I'm getting totally confused X_X

Oberhausen 2005 for download at the Gamma Ray site (Shizoid Clan members only *coughcough*). Wow, "Blood religion" live, even if it's audio only? Need to DL that NOW!!! *stumbles away, shivering with excitement*
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( May. 2nd, 2006 05:46 pm)
From [ profile] madandy this time ^_^

We all know how to be down on ourselves, and if we don't, society will gladly help teach us. But everyone says the healthiest way to raise a child is to sandwich one possibly-negative constructive thing between two positive things. So, raise yourself right: Name at least two things you LOVE about yourself. More, if you can think of them. Can be physical or metaphysical or completely abstract. Then pass it on so more people can find things to love about themselves.

1. I'm at least somewhat intelligent. At least I am compared to a lot of the people running around this country these days. Those hiphop-addicted, good-for-nothing... oh well. It seems that some people keep underestimating me. My mum for example. It sometimes looks like she thinks I'm completely dumb. Well, I'm usually able to prove her wrong :D

2. Stuff I don't know yet I'm usually able to learn. That hopefully includes such difficult things such as writing acceptable fics and building up a PC from scratch. Ganbare, boku \o/

3. I'm a positive person. I don't let myself being dragged down by stuff. That just slows you down and in lots of cases is completely unneccesary.

4. I forgive easily. Mmh, maybe too easily? Dunno...

... eh. My clipboard (y'know, the virtual space where the stuff dwells inbetween copy and paste) sems to be malfunctioning. It removes spaces between words. Weird XD

Watched episodes 1 and 2 of the Max Headroom series last night. OMG how c-o-o-l! The differences between the UK movie and the US pilot episode were kinda striking. The US one was less drak but had more fights and more shouting than the UK one. Gosh, how I love Max. He's such a fun (and funny) character and luckily, he turned out to be a lot less similar to Edison Carter (the human whose memories he's made of) than I had feared. Still, both of them are such an excellent combination. Geez, I want more episodes NOW *eyes BitComet angrily* Come on, you stupid bunch of bits >:O
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( Apr. 26th, 2006 04:08 pm)
First thing first:
Tanjoubi omedetou, Rockfic!

Watched the UK movie of Max Headroom last night.
OMFGthisthingisbloodyfuckingamazing!!! The whole style of it (retro-tech <3) and the way it was written just rules so fuckin' much *squeals*
And... I'm not saying that I like Matt Frewer but... I kinda like him O_O
Anyway. If the US series is only half as good as this, it's... pretty good ;) I hope they didn't change too many aspects apart from most of the cast XD
I wish I could give it to bro. He reads cyberpunk novels and I think he might like this as well. But then, it seems like he doesn't want to try to watch stuff that's in English.
Hun said that he watched Max Headroom back then and didn't like it. And I don't blame him. From what I've researched, they might have done something to the series that they already did with some others, among them the classic Star Trek episodes. It looks like they didn't understand that series when it came to Germany and thought it was some weird kids' thing, and so they refelected that in the dub. That included simplifications, the adding of stupid jokes and the like. And I suspect it was the same with the people who worked on the German version of Max.
Either that or it's just another thing where hunny's and my taste just differ like hell ^_^;;;

Today was teh clothes shopping day for me and mum. Was pretty fun.
And I actually managed to grab three *gasp* pairs of pants (Okay, that's mainly cuz two of them are exactly the same, only in different colours) and a cuddly jacket. Mum got a pair of shirts and a pair of pants. She kept bitching about how it's damn difficult for short people like her to find anything. She's 162 cm (5'3"), BTW, so she needs short sizes. But I don't think that's bad, tall people have a lot more trouble when it comes to clothes. Right, [ profile] rdyfrde *pats* I had a tall friend once and her main problem were shoes cuz her size was 10.5 or even 11 when she was only like, twelve years old or so back then O_O
I'm Tobi-sized (172 cm/ 5'6") so I'm just on the border between the regular and long sizes. And I'm not that much of a fat bastard either, even though certain people tend to suggest that >:|

Tonight, it's Ice Age 2. Finally. I know, we're usually the last people to see any movie that's out, but better late than never.

And then... Would you random preople please stop requesting my contact details on Skype? I neihter talk to nor chat with anybody whom I don't know!


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