... because I felt it was appropiate.

Tip of the Hat to:

... Media Markt (chain of electronics stores) for putting up sooo many cellphones for everone to try. That way, I could hold a N73 in my hand. It's cute =)

... Mobilcom. Just when I was sure they don't wanna talk to me at all (and let's face it, they do look like the type of company to act like that) they sent me an email. More about that later.

... mum for giving me full control over about half of the money gran saved for me. 4200 Euros on a separate bank account. Woohoo~! And no, I'm not planning on spending it on useless crap. Also, I'm planning on using that account to actually save money.

... my new patchouli perfume for smellin' frickin' awesome ^___^

Wag of the Finger to:

... mum, again. This time for putting a shitload of pressure on me concerning stuff I have no control over. University applications aren't open yet, goddammt!

... our neighbours for doing bloody home improvement and scaring the cats with their loud banging and hammering. Way to go, fuckheads >:|
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( Apr. 10th, 2007 02:04 pm)
On Easter Sunday we visited my parents.

- Great food and even greater fun talking and goofing around
- Bro told me he might do NaNo this year. Wow O_O Actually... Add another "Wow" because I know I couldn't do 1600 words a day
- Mum's new car (brand-new black Opel Corsa) hasn't arrived yet
- We brought back tons of stuff:
--> Some summer clothes, especially some spaghetti strap tops. Yeah, my arms are too fat for them but I still wanna show off my tattoo, so I guess people will have to live with the sight ;)
--> A few DVDs
--> My PS2 (to put in the bedroom XD) and all the games
--> Books (Mostly old stuff from uni to sell at eBay, especially a whole bunch of Latin stuff *shudders*)
--> My rice cooker (Because it's bigger than [livejournal.com profile] yamasagis)

I still find it difficult to stop connecting that place to the word "home". Well, guess it does take some time...
Moreover, I can't tell whether I miss them people or not. Yes, I have issues. Big ones.


- Mr Bean's Holiday at 5:15
- Afterwards: Burger King. They have special edition Whoppers right now. OMG cucumber Whopper :O~~~
A day late, but they finally managed to delete my old bank account and transfer my moolah to the new one. I've always wanted to switch to that particular bank, not only because [livejournal.com profile] yamasagi uses it, but also because it's a three-minute walk away and there are terminals virtually everywhere (Which is more than what you could say about my old bank =_=). Anyway, done that, too. Nice :D
Now I only need to change my account information with all the online shops I use (OMG X_x) and - most importantly - get the thing added to my PayPal.

So, uh... anyone else has a Twitter account?
Probably not.
Well, I do. So there :P

I don't think I'll be able to resist sending Twitter invitations to everyone. Geez ^_^;;;
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( Mar. 29th, 2007 09:57 am)
The application to un-register (REG CLOSE) my old domain kokoro-no-ongaku.com is printed and signed. And now I'm nor sure where to put it in the fax =_= Meh, I hate obsolete things like faxes and record palyers since they somehow refuse to work with me XD
Eh. Should've gotten rid of that domain long ago. I mean, it's not like I'm using it or anything. Well, I'm not using a-n.net either, but in this case, I might want to resurrect it one day.
The thing is that I only get three free domains with my current web hosting plan and I'd have to pay extra for any additional one. And I need anohter web site to do what I'm planning.
I guess now you wanna know what exactly it is that I'm working on? Alrighty then.

What I figured is this:
Everyone wants (and, to some extent, needs) to know how to operate a computer these days. But many people don't know shit about them and have no one to help 'em.
Also - and this I know from personal experience - lots of elderly people who are interested in them are too embarrassed to go to a school to learn how to do it.
And maybe those people would like someone nice and patient to come to their place and teach them using their own machine.
Of course, that's where I come in. I'm thinking of offering private computer teaching. Y'know, the whole deal. From setting up the thing, connecting to the 'net, surfing, email, security to general Windows stuff like dealing with files, burning stuff, writing and printing documents and multimedia crap like mp3, DVD, digital photography, HTML, blogging and whatnot.
Remember Camp Newbie? That's basically what I'm talking about here, only on a bigger scale.
So, uh... Whaddaya think? Am I totally far out here or might that just be worth a try? I mean, it's not like I'm losing anything in case it doesn't work...
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( Mar. 18th, 2007 11:46 pm)
- [livejournal.com profile] yamasagi got his IT Master's graduation paper thingy today. It was a huge event, the vice chancellor held a speech and everything was full and huge and kinda boring. But we (Yama, me, his dad and his dad's girlfriend) had a nice lunch at a good restaurant later. Needless to say, I'm proud like fuck, especially because out of the 1175 Masters that graduated last year, he was among the 17 best (!!!)
- On Friday, I registered for citizenship, so I'm now officially a Duisburgerian ^_^
- Tomorrow, I have an appointment at the local bank to get a new account, to transfer what lil' moolah I have from my old one and to delete it. Good times.
- Yama is currently holding hands with Tenchi. So. Cute. :3
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( Mar. 12th, 2007 11:30 pm)

Baaad, I know. But I've been out job hunting all day and right now, my feet are more blisters than feet =_=
It was a long and weird oddyssey that will best be forgotten. However, I have a test day tomorrow. At the grocery store that's just around the corner. Or, to be more precise, at the butcher's O_o
Good that it's so soon. This way, I hardly have time to think about it and maybe get scared. I know I tend to. So yeah, I'm just gonna plunge into this, head first. And maybe I can actually do it ;)
Self-earned money? Whee :3

Also, it looks like the deadline to register for the June CPE exam is tomorrow. Nobody told us and we expected to have until the middle of April to decide. Well, lucky the teacher just happened to check tonight *curses*
We'll still be able to register afterwards but it'll just get more expensive. So, hopefully, I'll somehow make it to the school tomorrow to apply. They have terrible opening hours and I have no idea when I'll get out of work, so wish me luck :|
Other than that, class was fun. I had to read my proposal and everyone clapped XD Also, when I admitted having some routine with writing, teacher said she'd noticed ^_^
Unfortunately, about two thirds of the class now look at me when they don't know a word.
We also have yet anohter new student. Who seems to be worse than everyone else.
A typical dialoge went like this:
Teacher enters, everyone starts speaking English
New girl: "Doesn't she know German?"
Desk neighbour: "No, not much"
New girl: "Oh, crap"


'Nother busy day tomorrow.
*keels over and dies*
So, yesterday at noon, my parents and my bro arrived here. First thing the kittehs did was hide behind the sofa and they didn't really come out again except for the one time I managed to catch Tenchi and let mum and bro stroke him a bit. First, we went to a good restaurant and had a feast. Hell, I've never seen that much meat for so few people O_O;;; Then, we walked around the lakes a bit. Finally, we decided to go to a café in the city and have waffles, coffee and ice cream. It was all kinda OK. Of course, half of the time, mum was all accusation. Still can't blame her a bit.
Before they went, mum gave me a fifty Euro note. "For public transport, so you can go everywhere you need to go", she said. Also, she paid the bunch of new clothes I ordered on the 'net last week. Today, [livejournal.com profile] yamasagi said something like "Your parents rock. They keep giving you money". Yeah, they do. But I'd rather I'd be able to buy stuff on my own. And since most of the stores don't even seem to frickin' look at the applications they get in written form, tomorrow, I'll have to beat down their doors in person. Problem is, being not exactly the most outspoken person in history, I'm somewhat afraid to just walk in there asking for work. On the other hand, I have a mantra that I'll constantly be tossing around in my head. "August 11, August 11...". Why? Because everyone agreed that the only way I'm going is if I pay it from the money I made mself. So... ganbare, boku ;)
Well, I guess that's it for the moment. Going back to Biffno now ^_^
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( Mar. 1st, 2007 12:30 pm)
Guess what good future wife just wet-wiped the whole damn apartment?
*points at self*
Took me almost an hour, what with two hyper kittehs running around my feet and trying to chew the dirt I wiped away (Ewgh!).
But I did it. The bathroom was fun to do. For some odd reason, I love swiping the white tiles and making them all wet, clean and shiny :D
Guess now I deserve some good food and today's dose of Jon ^_^
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( Feb. 22nd, 2007 04:37 pm)
Stuff I did yesterday:

- Beat public transport that tried to fuck with me. Haha >:D
- Had my ugly mug photographed for applications (Maybe I'll show you the thing later...)
- Ate donuts and other bakery stuff from a take-away bakery. I had no idea these exist, but then, I'm from the middle of nowhere XD
- Bought a couple of socks because I'm running out of them (Blackadder reference, anyone? :3)
- Wrote biiig application to the store I told you about yesterday (GoshIhopetheytakemeohprettypleasepleasethanks ^_^;;)

Stuff I did today:

- Scanned and copied high school graduation certificate and uni kickout certificate
- Called too see whether I can still join the running CPE prep course. Will apply (and pay) for it tomorrow morning, first class on Monday *squee*
- Applied online for another job at another electronics store. Ahem ;)

Yes, looks good so far.
OMGROFL. Just now, the cats stretched in unison. Awww ^^
Ah, there's Yama. C ya!!
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( Feb. 21st, 2007 01:00 pm)
(The only reason I friends-locked this entry is that I don't want my family to read this. Right now, I'm on a "no contact" policy with them and I have no intention of breaking that one.)

Yeah. Not dead.
Which is more than can be said of that one tooth over there. The damn thing is fucked. Which is funny since every dentist always swooned about my great teeth. Ha ha fuckin' ha =_=
But this was the first dentist that had a TV in the waiting room. Well, actually, it was a small, VCR-sized computer. I have to say I'm kind of sceptical about those. I mean, they run bloody Windows. No matter how much I love that OS, the thing cannot possibly run for whole days without any error. And while I was still thinking about that, the thing stopped and falshed a message telling us patients to alert the staff because the machine had lost contact to the transmitter. Haha >:D See, I knew ;)
Anway. Front right tooth's rood totally inflamed. They did some emergency work and once again, it took them two attempts to get my bloody jaw numb. Gotta get back there in two weeks to continue the repairs - and hopefully NOT for the thing to be pulled out. Which would be... crap. Ah, damn. Now the pain is gone but of course, I'm bloody afraid of the thing dying. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck!!

I also sent an email to a company I'd kill to work for, asking whether they need anyone. Of course, I'll be applying to a lot more places, but until my chances are proven zero - which hasn't happened yet - they're my top priority.
Their answer was something like "Thanks for your interest in working with our company. We are always in need of competent and industrious personnel. Now, I'd like you to send us your full application."
Right. So "interested" is a bit of an understatement (Hell, those people sell computer parts. Why would someone like me NOT want to work for them?!), but hey, that's cool. And since I can easily get around a rather large area by bus, I have several of their shops to choose from. Also, I love the things they sell so I'd be more than motivated to do stuff for them. Well, that could look worse, I guess. And they're not the only electronics-related store around. Plus, should all of this fail, I can still take up private teaching again. Yea *nod nod*

Oh! Oh! On Sunday, I cooked. Which is something unusual for me. And guess what? It was tasty @.@
Well, I have to say, the recipe was pretty damn great in the first place (Thanks, Georg ^^).
Anway. It seems like, if you're able to read and follow instructions it's no big deal, really. But back home, I was constantly afrait of mum dumping the job on me entirely. So, yeah. For me (and Yama), it's cool =)

Yeah, so. For now, everything seems to be kinda okay.

The only thing that drives me craa~aazy is Yama's damn router. The thing seems to be unable to handle HTTP traffic correctly. Which means I get tons of timeouts and sometimes, it takes a dozen attempts to open a web site. Bittorrent, however? Not a problem. Crappy thing *kicks it*

Soon, I gotta go and take pictures for my applications. Laterz ^_^
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( Feb. 15th, 2007 07:52 pm)
Last night, instead of sleeping, I literally slipped into blackness and didn't wake up until 11 AM.

Right now, thigns are not exactly happy, but I cannot blame anyone.
Mum keeps telling me she hates me. Can't blame her, either.

But as I said, things are not lost.
I also noticed that I actually have a number of things I'd have fun doing for a living.
And it's not like I'm dumb or anything.
Well, my highschool graduation marks might be mediocre, but there's stuff beyond that.
I can write. I know tons of stuff about computers, the 'net and media.
Both my German and English are... pretty damn good, I'd say. Translating between them is no problem either.
Oh, and I'm German. Following the cliché, it means that I'm punctual and reliable *lol* But I really am. It runs in the family ^_^

And Kou-chan? The way things look right now, I'll be able to sell him... to my bro :D
That way, I know he's in good hands.
Also, mum's gonna keep the money and once I'm settled (job, room, studying and all that), she'll give it to me. Then, I'll prolly put it away as an extra safety measure. Well, maybe I'll take a small aprt of it to buy something for my... household?
Wow, I love how that sounds. I'm gonna have my own little space. My. Own. Life. And believe me, for that, I'm prepared to work as hard as humanly possible.
And, as harsh as it may sound, getting away from my parents is the best thing to do since the way I live(d) here would just drag me down again and again.
As long as I'm on my own, I feel like I can succeed. Somehow.
Okay, right.
I got kicked out of uni. I royally fucked up, especially because I dind't tell anyone.
So I did the most horrible thing of my life and therefore, had the worst day of my life.
And they still won't let me down.

So, right now, the plan's thus:
- move in with [livejournal.com profile] yamasagi for now
- get a decent part time job
- make some money to rent a one-room apartment for myself
- move in there
- find a place to study (hopefully, something media or journalism-related)
- manage life on my own
- lose weight
- maybe get some psychiatric support
- not screw up again

Sounds like a plan, no?


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