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( Apr. 11th, 2009 02:13 pm)
[ profile] sorion gave me John deLancie :D

1. Do you like this person?
Hell yeah. His character is one of the main reasons why I even got to like Star Trek. I'm still angry about the fact he never got a movie appearance >:|

2. How do you call this person?
Q, probably. Because I'm lame and can't distinguish between roles and reality, even though one of my best friends happens to BE an actor *lol*

3. Which color do you associate with this person?
Red (and black), like the captain's uniform Q usually wore during TNG. And, since I've got this persistent eye fetish, I'd have to add brown, too *purrs at the thought*

4. Looking at his/her character, what blood type do you think he/she have?
Well, it's not like I know John at all, but from what I've read, I guess I'd like him to be type A, like me (character data from here).

5. What do you want to tell this person?
"I'm sorry about the crap they did to your character in 'Voyager', but I'll always remember you as the awesome Q from TNG and DS9"

6. What do you want to do with this person: hug, kiss or shake hands?
Being a hugg-y person, I certainly wouldn't mind a cuddle or two. I'd probably break my neck trying to kiss him (he's 6' 4" or 193 cm) ^_~

7. Pick five people on your flist and pick one person for them:
Since I don't feel like forcing anyone, just comment on this entry and I shall give you someone. But don't expect the most obvious choice ;P

ETA: Apparently, my Q/Picard "O RLY" icon just got another fan ^^
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( Jan. 18th, 2009 05:53 pm)
I bet you were thinking I wasn't gonna do this one, huh?

Click here for teh hotness ^^ )

You might think I forgot someone. And in a way I did.
Well, in the beginning, I wanted to leave him out of this completely but then decided to include him as a sort of bonzus.
For some reason, I feel like he doesn't quite fit in here, yasee?

Finally - honorary mention (16/15)... )

There you go. That was MY weird little list.
Probably the most chaotic one yet. But who cares? ;)
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( Oct. 30th, 2006 12:54 am)
The assignment is to write a blog entry with six random facts aboutyou. Then pick (at least) six of your friends and tag them; notagbacks. This explanation should be included.

1. When I was about four, I had veeeery long hair. But after a while, mum cut it cuz I cried a lot when she combed it to remove the knots that formed occasionally.
2. At one Carinval party (I guess I was about six or something), I dressed as Flip from the series Maja the Bee. Who was male. Go figure ^_~
3. I have one aunt and two uncles.
4. In elementary school, I loved to play Mega Man with some friends who - you prolly guessed it - were mostly boys. Most of us had a Nintendo console and we actually discussed the games. That went on for a year or two even when we went to different High Schools.
5. At one point, I could've swapped rooms with bro. But I didn't, even though - or maybe because - his room is pretty big compared to mine. Good thing, since cleaning takes a lot less time in this lil' shithole ^^
6. I failed my driving test twice.

I tag
[ profile] joekickass
[ profile] metalmusicfan
[ profile] mirmingi
[ profile] rennuian
[ profile] silicondreams
[ profile] thekelaal

Sometimes, it scares me how things fit together in weird ways.
I just headed over to [ profile] hugh_and_robert for some RPF.
Guess what the title of the first fic was? "Rise and Shine".
That won't make any sense now, but let's say it's an important sentence in "Star Trek: Borg". More about that once I manage to actually write a decent post about the thing O_o

And to make the madness complete, on Saturday, I accidentally stumbled into an episode of "Charmed".
Guess who was guest starring? Yep, John de Lancie.
Holy fuck.
He's stalking me!!
(Haha, I wish XD)
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( Oct. 20th, 2006 11:40 am)
One question in that SciFi crew quiz made me laugh. The one about sharing pop culture thigns with aliens. I mean, in case of Q, he seems to know more about pop culture than *I* do (see "Spock VS Q") ^_~

Since I don't a manual (yet), I had to figure out the controls for "Star Trek: Borg" on my own. Worked perfectly. I even found out how to use the tricorder Q made specially for me the player. Double-clicking at any time turns your cursor into a little Tricorder symbol and lets you scan people and things around you. And the cool thing is that the Tricorder entries are read to you by... guess who? Yep, Q himself. Of course, he makes his usual comments about some of them (He actually refuses to tell you anything about the Vulcans, for obvious reasons *lol*). If you have a thing for John's voice like I do, this is pretty nice *drools a bit*
Apart from that, you have the keys S (save) and Q (quit) on your keyboard. That's it. Well, it's a FMV game after all so anyone expecting more stuff to do should just do their gaming history homework ;)

Heck, there's still 35 MB missing on CD 2. Dammit, I wanna get "Borgified" by Q for real. Like, NOW T_T

I also sorta finished an article about the game for my German blog. Unfortunately, I need to finish the "Spock VS Q" one before I can post that. Well, gives me time to make more "Borg" screenshots =)

There is one useful thing I got from yesterday's day of experimenting. I learned how to setup a virtual machine in VMWare!! Unfortunately, I'll never get any sound since the program doesn't seem to be able to activate the soundchip in my onboard Realtek AC 97 card. But it's still cool to be able to run good (?) old Windows 95 again. Everything else apart from the sound works. My next project will be Windows 3.1. Cool, huh?
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( Oct. 19th, 2006 10:07 pm)
So CD 1 of Star Trek: Borg finished some times this afternoon.
I am not going tot ell you about the depths of hell I went through to get the game running on Max.
However, I can tell you that I failed miserably.
About to try the same long and frustrating set of options on Kan-chan I became stupid and just popped CD 1 into the DVD drive. For some weird reason the installation actually started, though it finished with an error message saying something about the software not being able to create the DIrect X library.
I set the display resolution to 640x480 as the game requires, opened the directory where the files had obviously been dropped by the installation software, clicked borg.exe... and burst into tears.
The bloody thing IS RUNNING. Kan-chan IS ABLE TO RUN IT.
Okay, the resolution is a bad joke, half of my display lines are blank cuz the game forces fullscreen, but it still looks kinda good to me. And it's not half as jerky as the videos I saw looked like.
I even managed to click onto the bag Q is holding (first decision in the game) and see the game over screen. Which means that the playing interface is working as well.
Holy fuck. I can't believe it.
This means that if I'm able to download CD 2 and 3 (which is but a matter of a few hours), I'll be able to PLAY THE GAME.
Thank you, Kan-chan. I can now safely say that you're the best electronic thing that ever happened to me. I love you. And I promise to polish you tomorrow.

ETA: Heh. The game actually has cheats to skip backwards and forwards thorugh the scenes as you like it. Which is a good think cuz that code-clicking thing in the transporter seems difficult to do with a normal mouse but is utterly impossible to do with a TrackPoint. And - oh noes - CD 1 ended even BEFORE the Q-Borg (or Borg-Q?) part. Damn =_=
But... John is pure eye candy, even in 640x480 :)~~~ Lancie could read a calculus textbook and make it sound sexual

How true, how true...

This was quoted from here, an amazing essay about Picard/Q. I know, the thing is effing long, but it explores the whole thing in an awesome way, complete with quotes from the actors themselves.

This is prolly my fave example: Patrick Stewart after being told that some fans consider Q as being gay:
"I did. Again, I would say this was an impression given you entirely bythe quality of the performances rather than by anything that wasdeliberately placed in the script. [Laughs.] John [de Lancey [sic]],whose work was brilliant on the show, had a kind of boldness about him,a way of looking at Picard that was provocative."

My point EXACTLY.

In other news: Am currently in the middle of a three-part John-centered Star Trek-related series of articles for |~fuwa fuwa~|.
Part one was about the non-existance of gay characters in the franchise and especially the still very obvious Picard/Q subtext.
Parts two and three will be about the "Spock VS Q" audio plays and "Star Trek:Borg", respectively.
What fun it is to rant and rave about that stuff in two different languages ^___^

The company [ profile] yamasagi works for bought used IBM T22 laptops. He got one, too. The T22 is exactly the same as my T21 apart from the CPU which is 100 MHz faster. He named the thing "Ni-juu-ni" (Twentytwo). Very original indeed ;)
Update on the "Star Trek: Borg" issue!

Since I doubt that this interests anyone at all... )
... just showing off my newest icon :D

My version of the O RLY meme, starring Q and Picard! *rofl*

Sorry, I know it's utterly stupid, but the idea just cracked me up so much that I HAD to do it XD

And then...
Star Trek: Borg.
A game, or rather, an interactive movie.
Starring Mr. "I'm just a guest star, but a guest star who appears everywhere all the time".
I doubt it ever came out over here.
And even if it did, it's probably too old by now.
Finally O_O;;;
It's partly based on my German blog article, but since last night, I was actually able to add some things.

You know the deal - Long text, click to read! )

... but awwww! He's just too cute ^_^

Well, the five-minute "Spock VS Q" movie is even greater in better quality. Though they could've easily improved the picture even further by using the right codec. Or rather, any codec instead of bare MPEG. Meh T_T
Anyway. I still love it =)

The movie was great. We also stopped at the restaurant with the big M afterwards cuz we were starving.

I also discussed some stuff with bro. Unfortunately, I might have to put details about that into a friends-only post. It's nothing bad at all but I think mum wouldn't like to hear about it.

And now: Le bed. C ya ;)

€dit: I also noticed that other people have (P/)Q icons apart from me. Wheeee~!
Even the ripped version of the Q DVDs don't work correctly. Well, that's 32 GB of HDD space saved *throws the files away*
Boy am I glad that I have Kan-chan and his stone age DVD drive. He played all of the discs without much complaint.
Why, you ask?
Well, the newer a drive is (this concerns both CD and DVD and I'm pretty sure it will be similar once BluRay and HD-DVD become important), the better its reading capability and the more sensitive it is to errors. Old drives simply overlook pressing errors and such. Because they're old and imprecise. Which, as you might have seen by now, is a good thing.
Case in point: Dad's old standalone CD player. That thing plays every damn CD-R(W), no matter how badly it's burned.
It's a law of the tech world. So my advice would be thus:
Be sure to a) try all the drives you have if you have problems reading a disc and b) keep some old drive for emergencies such as my Q DVD set or audio CDs that have heavy copy protection or pressing errors.
That was today's geek lesson, folks ^_~

Okay, now. Some words about the DVD set.
Right now, I find it hard to believe that I was able to develop a crush on a certain character without knowing his un-dubbed version.
Translation: The dub is OK but the original version is almost too great to be true O_o
John rocks. Terribly. OMFG yeah.
I'll try to come up with some more details tomorrow. And that will probably include some observations on the differences between the dub and the original version (vouces, translation, performance) and of course on the character of Q himself, now that I know how he REALLY is.

In other - but not really different - news: I've been hit by a tidal wave of ideas for funny (read: funny in my twisted opinion XD) Q icons. And now that I finally installed a version of PSP on Kan-chan, I might actually try and make some...

Oh, and I have a new favourite word. Quaint. *snort*
It's amazing how well Cecelia Fannon (she wrote the Spock VS Q audio plays) captured his language. Same goes for certain P/Q writers out there. It always makes me laugh to bump into words that couldn't be more typical for our favourite entity.
Heh. I think Q must be amazing to write. What a character ;)
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( Sep. 25th, 2006 02:45 pm)
The Q DVD set is a mess. The DVDs are the worst ones I ever encountered. No idea who pressed them but they did a job as terrible as my DVD-RW did when I ran it via a damaged Southbridge.
My DVD software keeps crashing every three to five minutes. Even my LG drive which as a substantially better error correction than the Samsung one can't handle them. Oh crap.
Right now, I'm decrypting the discs and saving their complete content to my HDD. Luckily, I have more than enough space for the four DVDs (together, they'll need about 32 GB). Maybe I'll even be able to burn working copies of them this way. I need DVD DL (double layer) to do that, but I'd love to try that. I've never burned 8 GB discs. Might be worth a try.
Until the extraction is finished (takes about 25 minutes per disc O_O), I'll look at the pretty layout of the Q DVD box. The outside is completely metallic and holographic. Wow. It also has a lot of Q pics (the back of the inner box actually has a small gallery <3). If only the DVDs were not that pitifully made...
However, I'm gonna try and play the discs on every drive I have (Kan-chan and my standalone DVD player), maybe I'm lucky and one of them works. My hopes aren't that high. I'll report later.

My stepcousin and her mother visited earlier, mainly to pick up my uncle's laptop. When I told them about the corrupted HDD, my stepcousin admitted that she hits the thing when something doesn't work the way she wants to. Holy crap, you tech molester! Being the responsible techies we are, mum and me explained that this is a bad thing to do and they were like, "Well, nobody told us when we bought it". Er... wait a second. Is it really that far fetched to think that hitting a portable computer can damage it? I think that's as much of an adivce as "Stay as far away from anuclear explosion as possible" (via John Sheppard). Dammit, why are people with no common sense still allowed to own (and torture) poor computers? It's sad.

€dit: Okay, forget the burning thing. DVD DL discs cost about 3€ per disc. Oops XD Guess I'll wait until the buggers become affordable. Right now, they're just expensive beyond any reason.
Okay, shoot me. But only after reading this:

Remember this (or, less confusing, the US version)? Well, on Thursday evening, I finally gave in and bought it. If all goes well, it'll arrive tomorrow.

Why? It was all one person's fault, namely the one who uploaded this. And that. And that. And that. And finally, that.

Well, it's not like I didn't see that coming. And I like the dub. I really do.
Or rather, I did, until the first time you-know-who came up. No matter how good his German voice actor is, nothing beats the original!
So much for that.
Thank Q (Haha XD) they made the fan sets. That way, I won't have to get any other DVDs.

I also did a small hunt for bloopers (or outtakes, as we Germans say XD) on YouTube and came up with this.
What a bunch of goofs :)
Needless to say, I love Q failing to pronounce "omnipotent" *roflmao*
But the best thing is the Q/Sisko thingy.
"Bring them back, Q. Now!" - "Or what? What? You'll ravish me?"
Hahaha, ravish. Er... ravish?!? Ooookay X_X
And then, Avery going "I might". Hehe XD
Hang on. He had his hands on John's shoulders (Aaaahhhhh *thud*) and all he said was "I might"?!? What an idiot ^_~

Oh, and I also managed to slip [ profile] yamasagi those SG-1 torrents. Next week, I'll grab the downloaded episodes (especially 6x11, yay!) from him :D

Finally, this. I call it "TNG screencap heaven". Those are just too cool. If I get some more good ideas, I might use them to make a couple more Q-related icons. For I am obsessed.

Now, shoot me.
Listening to [ profile] yamasagi on Skype playing with the cats cracks me up. So funny ^____^
And... their new names rock. Jiro and Tenchi. So cool :D

In other news: Found torrents for Stargate SG-1 seasons 5 and 6. If I'm lucky, I might be able to extract the... um... relevant episodes from them.
I mean, John turned Goa'uld, most likely complete with Teh Glowing Eyes of Doom (Eeeee-ness!!) ?
*chants* Me wants... me wants... me wants...
... even if the episodes will be totally taken out of context and I prolly won't get HALF A THING of what's happening *lol*

Finally (found at [ profile] rdyfrdes):

(Well done flash quizzie from a Spanish site. Mmh, Spanish ^_~)
I think I'm kind of misusing my new software firewall.
Well, instead of using it to protect my comp from incoming threats, I use it to prevent programs from opening outgoing connections to search for new versions *lol*
I just did that with Paint Shop Pro. Now it's caged, ehe >:D

I also re-organized my userpics. I now have more from different fandoms (SG-A, House, ST TNG...) because it makes sense. And there's still TONS of Kai and Tobi left. Oh, and I still have 14 free slots :D
BTW, this entry holds my newest selfmade icon. It's based on a pic that's been fuckin' HAUNTING me for days. Mmh, DS9!Q *drools a bit*
And even though self-praise is supposed to be bad... I think it's pretty awesome ^_^
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( Sep. 14th, 2006 06:54 pm)
Guess what? I just listened to the original "Spock VS Q" audio play. I still need a better version of its second half as the 64 kbps one turned out to be mightily crappy indeed. Well, I'm certainly working on it.
That thing is absolutely hilarious *giggles*
Leonard Nimoy as Spock is kinda cool. But John just rocks so much. He's so FUNNY <3
Somehow, I don't see why some people accuse him of being out of character. He ISN'T! I mean, remember the party Q threw on the bridge of the Enterprise when he got his powers back (episode "Deja Q")? And remember how he made Data have a laughing fit? Damnit, that character has its goofy sides, certainly. Okay, he IS overdoing it in that audio play, but I dun care.
I mean... Gosh, what a performer O_o
Actually, there's a copy of the full set (both plays + bonus disc that has the five-minute video) on eBay Germany right now. And if I'm able to get it for the initial bidding price, I'm gonna take it. Yea.

BTW, I noticed something odd.
No matter how much the writers ruined Q's character in Voyager (and DS9, tho I'm not sure whether that one episode actually counts), when it comes to visuals, I really prefer that older version of him.

Yep. Certainly. And it's also a good thing they didn't make him wear purple lipstick again (I really wonder, am I the only one who ever noticed that? XDDD).

I also noticed there's a lack of high quality Q screencaps (or, indeed, Q/John pics in general) on the net. Well, one more reason to wait until the DVDs get cheaper ^_~

Apart from that... Aw man... Stargate SG-1 seasons five and six. He was in a couple of episodes back then. Dunno how important his role was (he played a - terribly handsome - Colonel) but I know he was sorta evil and got a very cool story (and death, ehe XD). Ebil John? REAL ebil? I want!!

The problem about John is that he's one of those people who tend to appear everywhere, but only as guest stars. I think half of the 'net is wondering why he never got a really big role anywhere. Or why Q never appeared ion any of the movies, considering he's one of the most popular recurring characters. Nobody really seems to understand those things. And that includes me. Meh.

Oh, and I got that. For Kan-chan. Cuz the old one was peeling off. Now I removed it and am going to replace it with the new one. Pretteh notebook ^_^

Speaking of pretteh, how do you like my "under construction" page? The graphic was done by Blade. His stuff rocks!!
Okay, an update on the trying to download the two "Spock VS Q" audio plays:

- Original play - part 2 of 2
- The sequel - part 1 of 2
- The sequel - part 2 of 2

Notice something? Yes, I'm actually missing the beginning *facepalm*
Trust me to get the stuff in exactly the wrong order. Well, it's somehow explicable since the sequel is newer and thus more widely shared.
Also, the part 2 of the original is encoded in 64 kbps only so I'm still trying to get the 128 kbps version.
So, more waiting...
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( Sep. 12th, 2006 07:00 pm)
I know I've said it countless times but...
Damn, I so live in the wrong country.

Case in point: This.

I saw that short video clip (those were recorded live in front of an audience O_o) that's floating around the web. And those thigns are absolutley hilarious. Not to mention I finally got to hear John use his "real" voice as Q (Him being exasperated cracks me up. Not to mention I lust him so much it's not funny anymore :D~~~).

Currently trying to download it. Might take some time but it's not impossible. Phew.

Oh, and *snort*. I can so see him doing that. What a slut ;P

... who actually got himself his own tag AND user pic now. What a pose XD
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( Sep. 11th, 2006 07:52 pm)
... my pathetic, fangirly and utterly stupid contribution to Star Trek's 40th anniversary. Run away if you can XD

Earlier than expected, but this entry just WANTED to be written like, RIGHT NOW.

Contains slashy stuff, please click to read ^^ )

PPS: And I forgot something else: One of my first attempts at real writing was a series of fantasy stories based on a Game Boy rendition of Final Fantasy. And it featured Q. Holy crap, that character really influenced me a lot back then. I actually remember QMuse attacking me almost every night to make the stuff even more dramatic and more heartbreaking. Strange guy. Why of course, he was MY muse ;)

PPPS: John de Lancie is not only hot. He's funny, too ^___^


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