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( Aug. 24th, 2008 09:46 pm)
My eBay auctions ended reasonably well - more or less. Guess I'll somehow be able to afford "Munich 2008 - Take Two".
However, right now, I expect having to spend a night at the airport like [ profile] silicondreams did back in January. Gotta be there at 5 AM, but for some reason, public traffic just ceases to exist between midnight and that time. So, I don't have a choice except for going there in the evening and trying to have a nap on one of those uncomfortable benches (not using a table like Lia did *lol*), curled around my backpack so no one can steal it.
Oh well.
Luckily, it probably won't be dangerous since Dortmund airport is ridiculously small - to small to hold any criminals or rapists, if you ask me *lol*
I'll have one mofo of a jetlag that day, that's for sure, but who cares? I sure don't ;P
If things work out (which is kinda depending on Germanwings keeping their good prices for November for a couple more days) I'll fly in on the morning of 15th (Saturday) and leave on Monday (17th), probably around noon.
Since the room I had last time is occupied (too bad, the people were super nice - not that they saw much of me, anyway *g*), I gotta find another one. So far, it's looking good, also because I can somewhat tell where the places are by just looking on the map. One day, I'll find my way around Kai's home better than I do where I live *lol*
Also, I mustn't forget to order my Sonata ticket. I mean, the whole thing still wouldn't be pointless even if I forgot (I'm sure Kai and me could pull something off ^_~), but... it's less obvious that way ;)

Oh my. I hope the song that just turned up on my randomized Eurobeat playlist isn't some sort of an omen for this trip XDDD
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( Jul. 28th, 2008 09:21 am)
Wacken hasn't even started yet and [ profile] silicondreams and me are already planning the next gigs we'll want to attend. I know, we're crazy ;)
Ideally, my schedule for the rest of the year migiht end up looking like this:

October 18 - Axxis - Bredenborn
(I've never heard of that town. Naturally, I have no idea how to get there or if I'll ever manage to get back home afterwards. I do know how to get the ticket, but that's it. But I'm sure I'll figure something out... Gotta see them whenever I can...)

November 8 - Sabaton - Bochum
(Pretty close to here [certainly closer than bloody Cologne], also, the tickets are almsot free [12 Euros]. And since we'll probably miss them at Wacken [Avantasia meet'n'greet at the same time], I do want to try and take this extra chance of hearing some of the new album live. )

November 16 - Sonata Arctica - Munich
(They're playing Oberhausen as well, but since Munich is one of the rare occasions to see Soulbrother [most Metal bands hardly play there AT ALL], I'd rather go there. Ah, what the hell, maybe I'll do Oberhausen as well...)
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( Mar. 9th, 2008 05:27 pm)
So, [ profile] silicondreams and me have now officially started planning our next adventure - Wacken 2008!
Also, when my mum called me today, she instructed me to get a ticket for my bro as well. Yay, he'll be coming with us. Gonna be awesome:D

Speaking of bro, Schandmaul will be playing at a culture festival close to my old hometown in May. And until today, he was upset cuz none of his friends wanted to go see them with him. But I will. I really like the band, and I've always wanted to see them live. Now I just hope mum will be able to get the tix, as they tend to be sold out within minutes.

Looks like 2008's gonna be a good year, music-wise ^^
After the report, it's my turn. Here we go, have some goodies!

Seven pics. most of them rather bad )

I even managed to record a little video. Here it is!

Second half of "Heavy Metal Universe", including the sing-along part and Kai jumping off the drum kit platform. Sorry, I know, the sound is really bad, but my little N73 couldn't handle the volume. But I like the picture, considering it's just a cellphone.

Also, some not-quite-so-good DVD news:
Last weekend Kai and Dirk had a meeting during a concert day with SPV Records and agreed that the DVD will finally released in autumn this year.

Today the show in Barcelona will be filmed and the DVD will now be released as a triple DVD set. The content of the first two discs is already fixed since several months (Montreal Show plus bonus footage like road movie, acoustic tracks and video clips etc.). The third disc will contain many songs from the Barcelona show and probably some more bonus backstage footage from the actual tour. It will depend on the quality of the material which will be filmed today if the show will be completely released on DVD or only a part of it.

More official information will be announced soon in our news.


Okay, I like triple DVD sets. But autumn? AUTUMN? Hello?!
How long have we been waiting for this thing? Since 2006? 2005? I forgot. Because the waiting HURTS >:|
And "autumn this year" still isn't a definitive release date, so who knows what might happen in between?
Dammit.... *mumbles*

Finally, the Agglutination DVD is out! And guess who the two people on this picture are? It's even featured on the web site's front page O_O
[ profile] silicondreams is getting the DVD for us cuz I have no idea how it works. Scaaary Italian site ;)
Can't wait to show it to all the people I know, going "See, that's us! We were really there! Look, now they're at it again! They're so doing...".
Er... Yeah ^_^;;;
It'll be cool to experience all the awesome moments again... and maybe even laugh about the bad ones, safely snuggled on the couch instead of squashed against... okay, okay, I'm not describing that again *shudders*
Anyway, yay DVD ^_____^
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( Nov. 5th, 2007 10:38 pm)
Reason 1: They emailed me the tickets for Hellish Rock in January. Yes, emailed. You heard that cxorrectly. Apparently, that's why the shiping's free . there is none *lol* Still, each ticket has its unique reservation code so everything should be okay. In other words, [ profile] silicondreams, we has tikits!!
Reason 2: [ profile] yamasagi ordered "The Eye of Judment" which should be here tomorrow. I know I did bitch about that game quite a lot, but I'm still interested to see how it looks and works.
Reason 3: Hopefully, tomorrow afternoon, we'll get something cool from the store that sold us our LCD TV: My brand-new laptop! ZOMGWTFBBQ!!! My first portable baby that's not used! I'm not telling what model it is (tho, if you know me at all, guessing shouldn't be a problem), but will certainly return with pics and specs as soon as I manage to tear myself away from the thing ;)
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( Oct. 31st, 2007 10:27 am)
*crawls out from mountain of math problems* OH HAY. I CAN HAS SOLUTIONS NOW PLS?

Remember Ni-Juu-Ni? The IBM T22 (900 MHz - 100 MHz faster than my T21) [ profile] yamasagi bought to use at his job?
When he was looking at brand-new ones, he suddenly asked me whether an additional 100 MHz might be of any use to me. "Why of course", I said.
To which he replied: "Then we'll swap. I hardly use Ni-Juu-Ni anyway and you need the best laptop you can get to take to uni every day"
This means I'll use the long weekend ahead of us (All Saints' Day tomorrow) to swap all the drives between the two machines (I'm even taking my DVD drive because the one in the T22 seems to have mechanical closing issues), format them and reinstall the OSes. My new T22 will be getting XP Home, firstly because Yama bought a license just for it and secondly because I've seen it on this amchine and it runs a lot more smoothly than I could've imagined.
I also ordered two new TrackPoint caps because mine is rather severely used ^_^;;;
So, yay. My third laptop in two years. WTF?! XD

Tonight, we'll have dinner at the Chinese restaurant with a friend of Yama's and his girlfirend.
And on Sunday, it's off to mum, dad and bro once again. I'm sure there'll be tons of university talk. Hee ^^

Currently, I'm waiting for the Oberhausen tickets to arrive. I odered them the moment [ profile] silicondreams told me she'd booked the flgihts.
I also arranged for us to go meet my parents' on Saturday. This sounds weird. Never mind XD
Mum's cooking. Gonna be fun, especially seeing all of their attempts at communication in whatever language they might come up with *giggles*
So, 2008's not even here yet but there's one definitive highlight already planned. Nice, eh? ^_^

Mmh, new 'Ray promo pics *saves them to USB stick to cheer herself up during upcoming modeling methods lecture*
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( Aug. 16th, 2007 03:24 pm)
... the search for digital evidence of Agglutination 2007.

Videos!! )
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( Aug. 14th, 2007 07:21 pm)
For anyone who doesn't have [ profile] silicondreams on their friendslist, click here to read our report from the Agglutination Metal Festival (pictures included!). Didn't wanna post it twice. Enjoy anyway ^^ But beware of the nerdiness ;)

Otherwise, I'll have to go back to frickin' Germany tomorrow. Dun really feel like it, but oh well. At least I have a story to tell. Hell yeah.
Just now, I was looking at his website's new starting page. Well, it took me a moment to realize it's indeed him.
And I hear a lot of people are getting really concerned about the changer of look'n'all.
My two cents:
1. People change. That's okay. You can't expect someone to keep a certain look just to avoid possible complainers. And as we know, Tobi has always been one to do controversial stuff (McDonald's chart show appearances, anyone? Hasn't hurt them yet, AFAIK...)
2. Even if Tobi changes his look, who would actually believe that his character would be affected in any way? I don't mind a darker theme/style, as long as he stays the smart and incredibly funny guy he is. Which he will. Goddammit, this is Tobias Sammet, not some casting boy band singer who twists and turns according to the general public's taste *fumes*

Oh my, this feels like "A Defense of Edguy" all over again. Maybe someone remembers that... or not. Too long ago, I s'ppose. Gotta dig it out again, 'twas one of my better pieces of non-fiction ;)

And... I can't help it... he looks damn hot in that pic on there. Want more soon, pklskthx.. My good ol' crush on him is in full blaze once again.
*points at pic and shouts* I. Want. That. Now!!!

October 19, 2007.

Also, Wacken 2008.
Seems a bunch of Rockfic-ers will drag themselves over there next year, including my sorry-ass self.
We should totally get together, what say you? =)

Finally, something I found at the Wacken site. I haven't seen it anywhere else and it wasn't on the English version of the page. Here goes:
Apparently, Tobi was supposed to give a press conference at Wacken on Saturday. However, in the morning, he had to be rushed to hospital to get his appendix removed.
Awww, poor baby. I hope he gets well soon ;_;
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( Jul. 13th, 2007 01:51 pm)
Sonata Arctica (Cologne, November 7): 22.75€
Nightwish (Oberhausen, December 29): 42.85€

What?! Is Tuomas trying to bloody buy Finland? Call me greedy, but that's a bit much, no? O_O
I'd rather wait for Edguy's next tour. Or check who else is planning on traveling the country.
Annette is so dead cute, I love her voice and would really like to go to one oif their gigs. But at this price? No wai.

Ah, well. I have three events planned for the next half year, whichi is waaay more than what I usually do.
Lesse, there's...

August 11 - Gamma Ray (Agglutination Festival, Potenza, Italy) (with [ profile] silicondreams ^__^)
November 7 - Sonata Arctica (Live Music Hall, Cologne) (with me, meself and I *lol*)
January 13 - Helloween/Gamma Ray/Axxis/someone else (Turbinenhalle, Oberhausen) (with [ profile] silicondreams again - Yep, she's coming here ^____^)

Another cool thing is that from October on, for me, all of public transport in the Ruhr area will be free. Yay for students' ticket >:D
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( May. 11th, 2007 12:48 pm)
It's really happening!

Germanwings are having a "200.000 summer tickets at 1 Euro each" sale right now. And so I grabbed 'em.

I'm going down there on August 8 and will be back a week later.
And what's in between? That's right! Agglutination Metal Festival in Potenza, headlined by no other than Gamma Ray. And We. Are. Going. Too. See. Them. There. Hell yeah!!!

Both tickets cost me 53.17 Euros, tax included. Awesome. That's nothing compared to last year or going by train :D
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( Mar. 15th, 2007 11:21 am)
Alright. Root filling's done, tooth filling will follow on April 18, provided the sucker behaves until then.
Somehow, I've gotten so many during those last couple of weeks, I'm already starting to get used to them. I'm weird like that *shrugs*
The stuff they put in there tastes yucky, though. And I'm hungry as hell but can't eat anything since the reight half of my mouth is still feeling as if it wasn't even there. Meh.

To cheer myself up, I got this.
Yes, it's a skull. But it's got a clock inside. Cool, huh? Well, probably not XD

Tonight, we're gonna meet up with a friend of Yama's and his girlfriend to have dinner at a Chinese restaurant in Oberhausen. Yummy :D~~~

Last night, while riding the bus home, something occurred to me.
I live in the Ruhr Area now. Getting to any concert around here would merely take like, half an hour.
Heh. Guess I gotta watch some tour schedules quite closely from now on ^____^

Anyway. Gotta hoover the house now. Cleaning day today, y'see?
The Gamma Ray crew probably heard that Kai and his boys (XD) will play Agglutination on August 11. The festival's in Potenzia, Italy (!)
Of course, I'm hella tempted to fly down there to go see them and of course spend some long overdue quality time with [ profile] silicondreams *lol*
Well, I'm still not sure whether I'll actualy be able to go, but I still checked for flights.
If I booked the thing right now, it'd be 58 Euros. For both tickets. Holy hell, compared to last year that's almost for free ^_~
(The thing with Germanwings is that the earlier you grab your seats, the cheaper they are.)
Flying in on Tuesday (August 7) would cost me (tax not included) a whooping 66 cents. Those dudes are insane.
The only thing that would even improve the whole thing would be if they finally set up flights directly to Torino, goddammit >:O


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