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( Aug. 19th, 2008 01:24 pm)
"Futurama - Day of the Tentacle" is not out yet, but I've found a DVD rip. Might as well check it out, no? Can't wait to hear Kif again :>

Like reported on my German blog, the new seasons of House and Heroes are set to start airing on September 16 and22, respectively.
As for QI, there's been no word on a specific airdate for episode 1 of series E yet. Meh.
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( Jul. 29th, 2008 11:11 am)
Okay, this is my first ever poll - ain't you excited? Well, probably not ;)
Thing is, I've made four icons with the same theme (the HATSUNE Miku "Black Rock Shooter" music video - I'll explain later... probably XD). And since I like them all and I only want to actually use one, I'll let you pick ;P
(The other ones will certainly be posted to my upcoming LJ icons site, though.)





[Poll #1231482]
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( Oct. 10th, 2007 09:47 pm)
Gacked from [ profile] hector_rashbaum!

10 Things currently on your desk
9 Favourite ships/couples
8 Of your current favourite songs
7 people you talk to most
6 Favourite kinds of candy/chocolate
5 Favorite bands and ONE artist
4 Websites you visit daily
3 Items on your wall
2 Favourite sayings
1 Favourite movie

I want some questions! - Answers... I think you mean answers.  )
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( Aug. 5th, 2007 12:26 pm)

Fixed for fermentation, a faction of fanatical females, cast finally as both fools and filchers by the forces farther up.
This fellowship, not merely fanciers of filth, is a flock of the freelancers, the foils, the fabricators - a family of fervent fans.

However, this fearless figure, fluffed by the flaunting of foul faculty, stands fired! and has forsaken these fraudulent and false-hearted folk framing faultless forms and fingering them with frightful felonies, furnishing no fashion to fix the footing.

Our only finding is to fight; a feud, held as a foundation, not as frivolous, for the fittingness and fairness of such shall one day free the fastidious and the faithful.

Frankly, this flow of floridity flexes most fustian, so let us simply add that it's our very good honor to meet you and that...

You may call us FANDOM.

(by [ profile] paulovastitas, found at [ profile] sorions)

Here is a version with pics =)


Hugh, but very relevant pic (800x600, 527 KB) )

Finally, please join [ profile] fandom_counts, everyone!
(from a TCR taping report which can be found here)
Stephen does Q&A, my hand SHOOTS up. He calls on my first! I really didn’t have much of a question prepared... but I said , "Between Colboard, JSX, and OSCLA.... Aren’t you SCARED?!" At first, he didn’t know what I was talking about and goes, "Is that part of the united nations....?" Then he goes "OH the colboard, the colbernation message board. I read that once.... NEVER AGAIN." I was LMAO. Then he goes, "Yes, I am scared! Oh yeah. I love Fanfiction...." We all look at each other like OMG then he adds, "Me and Jon... NEVER DID IT..." then nodded his head yes.

ZOMG!!! *faints*
This is exactly how I want people to react to RPF/RPS being written about them.
And it made me love Stephen even more... if that's even possible :3

€dit: Addon (from said forum thread, again concerning the fact Stephen knows about fanfic and RPS):

Oh, he's known about it for a while. Part of the fandom lore (which I've never seen a link to, so it might be in a locked LJ post or something) goes that someone asked him about it before, and he responded by quoting part of a fic.

Er... guuuuuhhhhhh.... *thud*

€dit #2: Reading all those taping reports makes me a bit sad. I wonder whether TDS and/or TCR will run long enough for me to have even the slightest, most theoretical chance to go see a taping? Well, I doubt it, but one can dream, right?
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( Jan. 23rd, 2007 02:57 pm)
Explaining RPF to someone not involved in fandom nor the internet as such (apart from email, online shopping and research) is like telling an eskimo about the sunny coasts of Florida.
I should stop doing it.


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