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( Aug. 6th, 2007 09:14 pm)
Two days ago, I backed up my entrie LJ to three other services that use the LJ engine.
I used LJsec, which worked perfectly fine (see here and here for more info about how to do this).
For the time being, I'll be crossposting my entries to all four journals (look here to find out how to do this using Semagic, feel free ask me if you don't understand any of it ^^).

My backup journals are thus: are as follows:
Creative choice of account name, eh? XD
I know they still need tweaking and profiles and user icons and such, but I'll work on that once I'm back in the country next week ^_^;;;
Feel free to friend me if you use one (or more) of those journaling sites, I'll add you back in an isntant ^_^

I'm not leaving teh ElJayz yet but since my paid account will run out in about four weeks, I'll "vote with my wallet" (as [ profile] screwthedaisies so nicely put it) by not giving LJ/6A any more money. No wai, peepz >:|
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( Dec. 13th, 2006 12:26 am)
Tonight, I suddenly remembered that I have a spare HDD lying around.
Thanks to [ profile] yamasagi's network connector which provides the IDE connector and power supply, I was able to put the HDD inside the console.
Now I have a very heavy PS2 and no idea what to do with it =_=

Holy hell, I'm running out of DVD+Rs again O_O

Apart from that, I'm about to learn every Qi episode by heart. The swazzle thing at the beginning of 3x11 had me crying with laughter ;)

Here, have two random quotes:
Stephen Fry: "What do you get if you cross a camel with a leopard?"
Jo Brand: "A fireside rug you can have a good hump on. Sorry"


Stephen Fry (about Caesar): "Vain is the word. His dying words were 'What an artist dies in me'."
Alan Davies: "Was there someone in him at the time?"
Qi 3x05

€dit: Look at that. After almost a week, my Windows firewall is giving me trouble as well. It somehow forgot that I disabled it and keeps asking me whether it should block applications from accessing the net. And when I check the setting, it's still disabled. Stoopid thing. Maybe it read what [ profile] rdyfrde wrote about hers X_x
Yes, I tried it.
It's kinda fun but really pointless even though you can control almost everything (Dictating, opening files and programs, using the start menu and even surfing the net).
Somehow, when you're actually using it, it doesn't work half as good as in the tutorial.
I swear to you, the thing fuckin' cheats =.=
And a few moments ago, the speech recognition was activated because while lying on top of my computer, the mike picked up the HDD activity noise and somehow mistook that for "Start listening".
That's how buggy the thing is ;)

However, I still might try dictating a post later =)

BTW, in case you haven't seen it yet, check this out ^_^
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( Dec. 11th, 2006 10:58 pm)
I just took my last entry (the one about stand-up comedians) and let a Vista Sidebar Gadget named Say it! read it to me.
And I have to say speech synthesis really improved from the good ol' Soundblaster 16.
The Vista speech engine sounds kind of good. I mean, it's still far from human speech, but compared tot en years ago, I was pretty impressed!
(And talk about American accent! Lovely ^^)
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( Dec. 6th, 2006 06:23 pm)
If things go on on like this, Windows XP might fly outta the window (haha XD) very soon O_O
Translation: Windows Vista is gorgeous. I absolutely adore it.
Long and detailed post (with screenshots) will follow later.
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( Dec. 5th, 2006 10:22 pm)
I finally folded and decided to try Vista RC1.
So if I don't show up for some time, you know what happened ^_~

€dit: It worked! I'm actually typing this out of Vista RC1 and I gotta say... this thing is crazy O_O More details tomorrow!
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( Oct. 20th, 2006 11:40 am)
One question in that SciFi crew quiz made me laugh. The one about sharing pop culture thigns with aliens. I mean, in case of Q, he seems to know more about pop culture than *I* do (see "Spock VS Q") ^_~

Since I don't a manual (yet), I had to figure out the controls for "Star Trek: Borg" on my own. Worked perfectly. I even found out how to use the tricorder Q made specially for me the player. Double-clicking at any time turns your cursor into a little Tricorder symbol and lets you scan people and things around you. And the cool thing is that the Tricorder entries are read to you by... guess who? Yep, Q himself. Of course, he makes his usual comments about some of them (He actually refuses to tell you anything about the Vulcans, for obvious reasons *lol*). If you have a thing for John's voice like I do, this is pretty nice *drools a bit*
Apart from that, you have the keys S (save) and Q (quit) on your keyboard. That's it. Well, it's a FMV game after all so anyone expecting more stuff to do should just do their gaming history homework ;)

Heck, there's still 35 MB missing on CD 2. Dammit, I wanna get "Borgified" by Q for real. Like, NOW T_T

I also sorta finished an article about the game for my German blog. Unfortunately, I need to finish the "Spock VS Q" one before I can post that. Well, gives me time to make more "Borg" screenshots =)

There is one useful thing I got from yesterday's day of experimenting. I learned how to setup a virtual machine in VMWare!! Unfortunately, I'll never get any sound since the program doesn't seem to be able to activate the soundchip in my onboard Realtek AC 97 card. But it's still cool to be able to run good (?) old Windows 95 again. Everything else apart from the sound works. My next project will be Windows 3.1. Cool, huh?
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( Sep. 25th, 2006 02:45 pm)
The Q DVD set is a mess. The DVDs are the worst ones I ever encountered. No idea who pressed them but they did a job as terrible as my DVD-RW did when I ran it via a damaged Southbridge.
My DVD software keeps crashing every three to five minutes. Even my LG drive which as a substantially better error correction than the Samsung one can't handle them. Oh crap.
Right now, I'm decrypting the discs and saving their complete content to my HDD. Luckily, I have more than enough space for the four DVDs (together, they'll need about 32 GB). Maybe I'll even be able to burn working copies of them this way. I need DVD DL (double layer) to do that, but I'd love to try that. I've never burned 8 GB discs. Might be worth a try.
Until the extraction is finished (takes about 25 minutes per disc O_O), I'll look at the pretty layout of the Q DVD box. The outside is completely metallic and holographic. Wow. It also has a lot of Q pics (the back of the inner box actually has a small gallery <3). If only the DVDs were not that pitifully made...
However, I'm gonna try and play the discs on every drive I have (Kan-chan and my standalone DVD player), maybe I'm lucky and one of them works. My hopes aren't that high. I'll report later.

My stepcousin and her mother visited earlier, mainly to pick up my uncle's laptop. When I told them about the corrupted HDD, my stepcousin admitted that she hits the thing when something doesn't work the way she wants to. Holy crap, you tech molester! Being the responsible techies we are, mum and me explained that this is a bad thing to do and they were like, "Well, nobody told us when we bought it". Er... wait a second. Is it really that far fetched to think that hitting a portable computer can damage it? I think that's as much of an adivce as "Stay as far away from anuclear explosion as possible" (via John Sheppard). Dammit, why are people with no common sense still allowed to own (and torture) poor computers? It's sad.

€dit: Okay, forget the burning thing. DVD DL discs cost about 3€ per disc. Oops XD Guess I'll wait until the buggers become affordable. Right now, they're just expensive beyond any reason.
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( Sep. 4th, 2006 03:26 pm)
... why any guy would buy a soundtrack that has a cover like this:

PS: Can you spot the irony?
PPS: Simoun OST II. I read what the series is about and it actually HAS a decent story, but right now my mind is full of "Yuri for the sake of yuri". Whatever XD

Made the phone calls. Got an appointment to get those strings outta my mouth (Wednesday at 8:30, holy fuck O_o) and cancelled tomorrow's private lesson cuz I'm stuck at home with no car.

Oh, and BTW, the scary experiment worked. I love my Max <3

Final one: New icon - Miyuki and Nagisa animated mini slideshow ^_^
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( Sep. 4th, 2006 02:24 pm)
Has anyone ever tried writing on two DVD-RW drives at once?
Probably not cuz normal people don't have two DVD-RW drives.
I do, however.
Nero DOES allow two instances of the program running at the same time.
And I have some spare DVDs that I wouldn't really cry about if they got destroyedd
Uh... scary experiment, anyone?
I'll tell you what happened and whether it worked or not.
In the meantime, I have two phone calls to make.
Ewgh, phone calls =_=


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