Wow, I alost forgot how purple this dye looks when it's fresh <3
I mean, it does fade to a darkr ed, which is nice, too, but I still prefer the original colour ^^

I'm almost packed as well, including the "mystery present" for Kai and season 6 of QI which I rememebered to burn for him cuz I'm pretty sure he'll like it.
Holy crap, I'm taking so many clothes and accessories, people might think I'm up to something *snickers*
Tomorrow, I'll get up at about 5:30. The web check-in thing worked, but trains to Cologne airport are so scarce that it doesn't save me all that much time. Eek -_-
Oh well, who cares, it's not like I'll be in a state where I need much sleep anyway *lol*

I'll arrive in Munich around noon, and in the afternoon, Kai will probably pick me up, at which time I'll hug the stuffing outta him ;)
The play starts at 6 PM.
On Monday, we'll just hang out at his place, I guess.

So, see you on Thursday, everyone ^_^
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( Nov. 10th, 2007 02:37 pm)
I've got him. OMG I've got him!
I got the one I wanted!
*runs around excitedly*
Now I'll wait for Yama to finish his shower, and then it's unpacking time!!!
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( Oct. 7th, 2007 02:09 pm)
Memo to self: If you tell [ profile] yamasagi to wrap the plastic wrap tightly around your head, he'll do exactly that. Wrap it hella tight. I feel like Elizabeth Weir in SG-A episode 4x01 ;)
Eek, five and a half hours to go O_o

But I wanna look decent for the new students welcoming ceremony tomorrow at the ungoldy hour of 11 AM *lol*
Still... So excited =)

Also, I'm back on WinXP and happily so. Also, back with Semagic which makes postign across four journaling services sooo much more convenient!
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( Aug. 8th, 2007 12:23 am)
OMG, in about twelve hours, I'll be on my way to the airport O_O
I've packed most of my stuff, all that's left is my tech and the cosmetics stuff. Or so I believe. I'll better check and re-check again tomorrow, hehe XD
Printed out train info and my flight data.
So excited *bounces off walls*
Uh... see you all in a few days? ^_^
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( Jul. 20th, 2007 10:28 am)
Me likey. A lot.
But then, I'm not very critical about the movies sicne I see them rather separated from the book. It's just an interpretation.
Of course, they cut a ton of things but this time, they made it more easy to understand than some of the previous movies. At least that's what [ profile] yamasagi told me.
One thing I love about all the movies is how they back up things from the book with visuals that weren't possible in written form. Filch nailing all the decrees to that wall (and all of them crashing down during the Weasley havoc) was just awesome =)
Luna was cute ^^
When Tonks appeared, [ profile] yamasagi and me both went "Guhhhh". OMG she's hot :D~~~~

Also, since we saw it in German... dub rambling!!
I think the dub is pretty decent, actually. From what I could take in, there weren't any severe translation fuckups (apart maybe from Ron calling "Alter". I mean, jeez, that'd sorta equal him calling him "Homey". And I thought Dudley was the only one who'd gone HipHop XDDD). Well, this wasn't The Simpsons, right? *cough COUGH*
[ profile] yamasagi once told me, after watching one of the movies in English, that he really liked the German Snape. And I can see why. I mean, the voices sure are pretty different. But someone (I think you can guess who that was ^^) once said in an interview that it's important to transfer the character of the voice to the foreign version, not so much the sound. Well, he's right. And in case of the HP movies, the German voice actors mostly do that pretty well, IMHO.

There were some very interesting trailers beforehand. "Stardust" and "The Golden Compass" both look rather interesting, though the first a bit more so than the second.
What's it with the fantasy overkill in the second half of the year?
I also saw the trailer for the Simpsons movie in German for the first time. I nearly know the English one by heart so I suppose I'm more or elss qualified to judge the translation. And I gotta say, it was very, very good.
Of course, I'm not saying it's a good thing the former translator/director died, but I'm still happy that someone else is doing the dubbing for something as important as the movie. I know, this is gonna sound horrible no matter how I put it, so I'll just go and hate myself for a moment, kthxbai.
Finally, I was delighted to discover that "Ratatouille" actually has a story. The other trailers somehow made it look like a cartoonish joke-centered sort of thing, so this kinda reinstated my faith in Pixar and my interest in the movie itself.

OMG, DH release tonight. Excitedexcitedexcited *squees*
That being said, I doubt there'll be a commotion at the bookstore tonight. It's only the English version after all ^_~


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