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( Aug. 25th, 2008 12:27 am)
... one of the most wonderful people I ever had the pleasure to meet and become friends with.
... a very talented actor and musician.
... one of the best and most hard-working voice actors (and dubbing authors/directors) in this goddamn country.
... the guy who made the dub of "Doctor Who" one of the masterpieces of the industry because he understood - and managed to capture - the series' appeal, heart and soul.
... Jack from the "You don't know Jack" series of computer games, Wooldoor Sockbat from "Drawn Together", Michael Palin in "Monthy Python's Flying Circus", Kif from "Futurama", Jedaito and Hawk's Eye in "Sailormoon" and K9 and Satan in "Doctor Who" (to name only a few of his roles).
... a fellow cat-owner and one of the most gentle, sensitive, charismatic and adorable men in the world.
... a 51-year old who nevertheless has the humour of a teenager and a great sense for silly puns ^^
... my soulmate.

... Kai.

Thanks for everything - past, present and (hopefully) future :*


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