Sometimes I feel like we Germans didn't really take over the concept of stand-up comedy very well.
As far as I understand it, one of the main qualities of a stand-up comedian should be spontaniety - as in "the ability to react upon the audience, change things and invent new stuff on the fly".
Unfortunately, most German comedians are simply unable to do that. This becomes especially clear when, as a guest in some late night/talk show, the only thing they do is repeat the same lines from their programs over and over again.
Another good test are improv shows which have become a real trend over here during the last few years (Actually, in the German rendition of Thank God You're Here, the guy who keeps surprising everyone with his funny acting is the only recurring guy Oli P. - and he's NOT a comedian AT ALL! I think this says something).
Of course, there are some awesome and notable exceptions, like Knacki Deuser, who is just amazing at audience interaction and baffled me each time I saw him performing on stage (2004 and 2005).
But the great mass of German stand-up people is just made up of trained monkeys who just lack that geniune funny-ness that a lot of UK/US guys seem to have.
It's a bit sad, really.


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