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( Oct. 18th, 2006 06:08 pm)
... is "Multiple Joyce"?
Note to self: Stop reading reviews over at The moron-rate is just too high O_o

And... I just sent ayatsuri ningyou episode 2 to my BETA.
No idea what held me up for so long but I'm appalled at the fact that SOMETHING apparently did *hides*
Well, I hope it's not too bad. Partly because I actually LIKE it. A lot.
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( Aug. 1st, 2006 03:10 pm)
So it seems like people liked "an" episode 01 despite teh ebil cliffhanger of doom ;)
Don't worry, I had already started working on episode 02 before doing the final editing on 01.
Which means it might take shape BEFORE I go to Dresden on Friday morning.
And this one will bring more light into the dark... on the one hand.
On the other hand, it'll be the REAL test for the whole series since apart from introducing some more characters (those you only heard talking until now), it also reveals the basic background.
And that's what people will either like cuz of its dorky weirdness or just plain hate.
But I don't really care right now and I'm not backing off either. I learned that I can do this and I will.
Well, I guess that's it for now.
Thanks for the reviews, BTW. You guys rock ^_^
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( Aug. 1st, 2006 12:33 am)
She... liked... it.
Can you believe that?
[ profile] silicondreams liked the thing.
She's currently working on some improvements (not too many, as far as she told me) and then I guess it's up onto the site.
Uh... wow?
Aaaahhhhh.... *thud*
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( Jul. 31st, 2006 03:08 pm)
"Silent Miracles" it the ideal stuff to listen to between waking up and actually getting up.
It never fails to makes me drop out of bed with a huge, stupid grin on my face ^___^

Apart from that...
It seems like ayatsuri ningyou is evil.
My final count last night said 1666 words >:D

Tho today's prolly gonna be the last day of editing and then it's off to scare my poor beta X_x
And KaiMuse is sitting in my neck because he's annoyed and nervous. And he's right cuz it's such a nasty cliffhanger ^_~ He wants to know how the thing's gonna go on. Well, I would, too, if I was in his situation, ehe XD
Talked to mum about the name thingy. She said I'm not named after anyone and that she always knew that if she'd ever have a daughter, she'd name her Manuela. D'Oh XD And had I been a boy, I'd prolly have gotten some Scandinavian, kinda Metal-sounding name like Sven O_o

Okay, on with some observations about my writing (and suddenly, I don't even feel like adding "pseudo" or "wannabe" or something like that any more):

Well, I guess I'll just go and burn my German stuff. It reads like an instruction manual with dialogues compared to the first, rough version of "ayatsuri ningyou in English - chapter one". OMFG.
Somehow, I never managed to go into the minds of the characters back then. It felt like a referee observing some frickin' soccer match, fer cryin' out loud >:O But when writing in English, that thing just happens on its own and I doubt I could even do anything if I had to leave it out.
I guess that's a good sign ;)

And then, I was scared about the fact that my vocabulary might not be enough. But I seem to know a lot more words than I had thought, and for the though cases (when I'm missing a synonym or simply have no idea what some particularly difficult technical thing is called) there's still my big fat friend called dictionary (and the good, old German detour XD).
Not to mention the fact that German is an awkward language to write fiction in and that English keeps amazing me in that respect. All the cool stuff you can make out of it is just breathtaking!! And I might add "A big slap in the face to everyone who has the opportunity to learn it and doesn't give a flyin' fuck >:O"

So that's two more big, fat concerns out of the way. And I still think that this is indeed working and that I can really do this :D
(... and one thing is for certain: If my stuff still turns out to suck, at least it's somewhat grammatically correct and lacks spelling errors XD)

I'm bad at making up names for aliens and their planets. Really bad.
That's why I grabbed some old notes and combined the ones I like best. They're still pretty stupid, but what's in a name aynway? XD
But that's not what I wanted to say.
At one point, I made up a shitload of (human) characters. Never used any of them, like 99% of times, but anyway.
Guess I was on a sort of multi cultural trip back then cuz I made them come from allll sorts of different countries.I guess this is point #3750674 on my list of "things that make ayatsuri ningyou seem more like an anime than anything else", ehe XD
As I usually write up whole biographies for my characters, complete with birthdates and such, they all had cities of birth, too.
When I noticed I had an Italian girl as well, I checked her city just out of curiosity.
And guess what? It was neither Rome nor Venice nor Pisa. It. Was. Torino.
That really made me giggle cuz [ profile] silicondreams keeps wondering why everyone knows her city. Well, it seems like even six or seven years ago, the first Italian city that came to my mind was yours, dear ;)

Oh well. That's enough spamming for today. C ya tomorrow ^___^
... somehow, didn't find the time. Bugger.
Didn't get very far with note-taking Thursady night. Apparently, something ELSE wanted to be typed. Like, right there and then.
Translation: I'm 1074 words into episode one O___O
Actually, I'd like to call it the basic frame for episode one cuz I'd really like to keep that weird cliffhanger at the end XD
Which means that next, a shitload of adding and fleshing out will be in order.
Tho I somehow don't think that's gonna be too much of a problem cuz the second I had closed Kan-chan (KaiMuse: "You're not gonna go to bed now, right You ARE? Hey, don't do that to me! And no, I don't fuckin' care how dead you'll be tomorrow if you type the whole night, just GET ON WITH IT" XD) I was FLOODED with more stuff I could put into the thing to make it better.

And I observed some other stuff, too.
But I'll tell you about that later ;)
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( Jul. 27th, 2006 08:37 pm)
... I might be able to do this.
I might have the first few lines of the first chapter. They just somehow exploded out of my head into a text file.
Tho I'll need to make a library of notes before I can go any further. But hey, it's a start.

... and foobar again had the right song ready ;)
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( Jul. 26th, 2006 07:06 pm)
... I told [ profile] silicondreams far too many details about an (my skeleton in the closet a.k.a. the weird mix/crossover universe of stories I've been stuck with since it first came into existence back in elementrary school).
Guess that's what the heat and chatting late into the night with awesome people does to you ;)
And she actually got me thinking about trying to rework it into something that could be read - and understood - by people other than me.
Somehow, I'm starting to believe it might not be an impossible thing to try...


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