Well, that's what I get for watching all of those food shows.
A goddamn crush on *cough, splutter* Andrew Zimmern *splutter, faint*
On the other hand, it proves that a) I'm still the one to fall for guys far, far beyond what the mainstream would call pretty and b) that anyone younger than 45 is of no serious concern to me.
Still... sometimes, I wish I was normal.
But five seconds later, I get back to enjoying my crazy taste, so, I guess I'm pretty much a hopeless case ^_^;;;
Anyway. That Zimmern guy? Bloody adorable. And hey, I totally have a tendency to like guys who can cook. I mean, REALLY cook.
I also love how he keeps telling people he's German. Well, he's the child of Jewish German immigrants, but I'm not sure if that totally qualifies him ^_^;;;
Y'know, this is one of the rare cases where I'm finding it difficult to come up with arguments. But then, who needs 'em? I'm not obliged to explain or justify this, right? ;)
At first, I just thought he was sweet and I have no idea why or when that lead to... this. However, I always notice THAT it happened.
Actually, the most telling sign of having developed a crush on someone for me is always my subconscious. The moment someone makes it there, I know what's going on. That usually means dreams, and in this case, um... I wouldn't mind having a recording of it, no matter how puzzled I was when I woke up. It was... er... nice XD
Oh well, another excuse for me to, once I finish all episodes of Bizarre Foods, start right over again. I've already done it with Bizarre World - actually, I've sen the Germany episode at least three times for very obvious reasons (e.g. the body painting part... radiant red Buddha? OMG *snickers*). Too bad they didn't continue it and went back to the food-only series, I liked the more varied concept a lot. But then, Bizarre Foods is still better than no Andrew at all =)
Okay, back to VLC now...

PS: On a semi-related note, I was shocked to see how many haters La Carmina has around the intarwebs. Sure, whenever anyone does anything that gets some attention, there's at least some people who'll start bitching the heck out of them. Sure, I'm bloody jealous of her job and the fact that she got to film with Andrew *cough* but I still wouldn't HATE her for it. She's doing good stuff, and if people criticize her for having plagiarized some of the stuff she's put on her blog, they should look at themselves first. I mean, I'm quite convinced that there are only a few people who have NEVER taken a picture or a video without asking the creator for permission. Also, if people think that the things La Carmina writes about Japanese culture are wrong, why don't they tell her and instead bitch behind her back? Oh, right, they're envious lowlifes without even a shred of character or dignity who probably can't even spell. I forgot :P


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