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An adventure for [profile] yamasagi

([personal profile] jessybxx Jul. 27th, 2009 02:02 pm)
[profile] yamasagi just called me to tell me he'll be in Cork (Yes, that Cork in Ireland) for training from August 31 until September 4.
They're working together with an Irish company that's currently outsouring its repiar service.
Awesome, he could really use some more speaking experience witout me being there to help him!
And guess what? That'll be his first time ever on a plane ^_^
Too bad I won't be with him, but maybe I can at least take him to the airport. Y'know, go there with him, see him off and go back home by train? I'd love that!
If they don't choose to fly via Amsterdam, that is. Apparently, that's cheaper, but I wouldn't like them using some Dutch no-name discount airline *shudders*
Also, I was going to check Ryanair's offers to Ireland but the website is dead. Um, that's not a very trustworthy image you're building up there, guise O_o
So glad I got you... *clings to Germanwings, purring*
Anyway, can't wait to hear what he thinks of flying =)


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