I have no idea what hit me today, but whatever it was, it made me clean and tidy up the area around my desk. Some photographic evidence after the cut!

Rick (left) and Hikaru getting the vacuum cleaner treatment to free thier fans which tend to suck up a lot of cat hair, making the system slow down and/or overheat ;_;

Empty desk. The big thing below is my subwoofer. See my Haruhi slippers on the floor? <3

Our Dyson. I also call him "Vacuum Dalek". The bazooka-like thingy is the telescope, which is damn useful for scratching posts and cobwebs ;)

Apparently, Tenchi didn't care about whatever mum was up to...

Rick (left) and Hikaru cleaned and back in place. Rick has been running Windows 7 since this afternoon (More about that later). My external display is up on eBay because I'll be getting a bigger one next month. Yay :D

Right side of my desk, featuring my new Sailormoon figures, James the skull and drugs Pepsi ^_^;;;
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