Anyone else on there annoyed by the goddamn Follow Firday thing?
I just decided to un-follow anyone whose updates just consist of name lists, no matter how nice they are otherwise.
Sorry, but I just don't want my timeline to get clogged with meaningless messages like that.
To me, Twitter is a tool for communication and fun and I don't want to have it misused as a virtual pissing contest "Tee hee, I gots more followarz than u, suckas" kinda thing.
End of announcement.

From: [identity profile]

Dunno really, but it seems people follow each other and post the names of the people they're following so others can follow them too.
It's a mess, if you ask me...

From: [identity profile]

Why would I want to follow people because other people follow them? I have my own supply of followers LOL

From: [identity profile]

Like I said - sounds like a pissing contest to me. Or, y'know, virtual cock comparison *lol*

From: [identity profile]

Huh. And here I thought followfriday was a "this person is awesome and everybody should follow him/her" kinda thing. I guess it can become a pissing contest for some people though...

From: [identity profile]

Yeah, seems like that's what it was supposed to be before some people got delusions of grandeur and wanted to be Stephen Fry or soemthing... -_-

From: [identity profile]

That would explain why random authors seem to friend me every week. I never add them back because their tweets are quite frankly boring.


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